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QUIZ  Advanced Level Princeton Trivia, 2nd ed.

5 Points for each correct question

1) In September, 1956 what number of students comprised the new Class of 1960?

2) Chris Eisgruber, the new President of Princeton University, graduated from Princeton in 1983. What was his major?

3) The new Class of 2018 had 26,641 students apply. 7.28% were accepted, a record low. Racial or ethnic minorities comprise what percentage of the Class?

4) In September, 1956 the U.S. Post Office issued a commemorative stamp celebrating the 200th anniversary of Nassau Hall. What was the cost of postage?

5) In 2012-13, what percentage of Princeton undergraduates received financial aid from Princeton?

6) All Princeton graduates are sent the Princeton Alumni Weekley. In what year was the first issue published?

7) What Princeton Class is the oldest currently existing?

8) In what year did Princeton function as the Capital of the United States?

9) In October, 2012, the oldest alumnus in Princeton history passed away. What was his Class and how old was he?

10) There appears to be grade inflation at Princeton. In a 2012 study of undergraduate courses over a three year period (2009-12) it showed that A’s made up what percentage of all grades?

11) As of 2013-14, a Princeton athletic team, or individual, has won at least one national championship for how many consecutive years?

12) What is the date of the cannon outside the current Cannon-Dial-Elm Club on Prospect Street?

13) The longest senior thesis ever written was by Jeanne Faust ’76 writing about F. Scott Fitzgerald’17. How many pages was this thesis?

14) In 2012, McCosh 50, the largest classroom at Princeton, got a major renovation. How many seats does it have and when was it originally built?

15) In the August, 2012 summer Olympics eighteen (18) Princetonians competed representing four nations. Did anyone win a medal?

16) In the 2013 football season, quarterback Quinn Epperly ’15 set a NCAA record in the Cornell game for the most passes ever completed consecutively. How many passes did he complete?

17) What Princeton Class was the first to be co-educational for all four years?

18) In what year was the College of New Jersey renamed Princeton University?

19) When was the last year that the Princeton football team was undefeated?

20) What was the most popular major selected by sophomores in the Class of ’15?

See the answers  here .


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