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Answers to the Princeton Trivia Quiz

1)† 760 students.† In our final term- 691 students.† Current Class of í17 has 1291 students.

2)† Physics

3)† 7.29%

4)† 41.6%

5)† 60%

6)† 33 sports,† Princeton won 12

7)† Womenís field hockey, Menís fencing, Womenís fencing

8) 1783

9)† Malcolm Warnock í25.† 107 years old

10)† 40.9%

11)† 42 years and still continuing

12)† 1825

13)† 756 pages

14)† 446 seats, 1908

15)† 7 medals. 1 gold- Womenís rowing,† 2 silver- Womenís rowing,† 4 bronze- Womenís fencing (2), Womenís rowing, Menís rowing

16)† Philadelphia. Sept.26-28, 2014

17)† 1973

18)† 1896, †at its 150th anniversary

19)† 1964

20)† Woodrow Wilson School-161,† Economics-123,† History-77,† Politics-65

How did you do? Philip provided no scoring rubric, but we are all familiar with the standard percentages associated with grades: 90% = A, 80% = B, etc.; so you can assign yourself a grade. If you’re not satisfied, complain to Philip  here !


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