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Doug Hopper presents a rototiller to President Eisenhower

Doug reports as follows:

I think this was neat of President Eisenhower to take time out from world and domestic affairs (Sinai invasion, building the interstate highway, etc.) to meet with a group of 17 year olds to compliment us and reward us as leaders of tomorrow who participated in a mock government demonstrating the best in participation in the continuing American experience in expanding fairness in society. I call it the 'softer side of politics.'

As an aside, Charles Zuck's detective work that resulted in his finding me led through the archives of the American Legion. This initial picture was erroneously attributed to 'Future Farmer's of America.' That is me just to the left of Eisenhower. Zuck noted the American Legion logo on my T-shirt which started the investigation down the American Legion clue path. As a result the American Legion also found me. They responded by honoring me with an induction into the American Legion hall of fame which will take place this June 21 in Sacramento.. Apparently there have been 4 Californians who went on to win the presidency of Boy's nation. Now that they have found me they want to memorialize this accomplishment of 59 years ago. I feel like I am the sudden recipient of a lifetime achievement aware, even though I never did much in politics.

I would like the history department at Princeton to put a copy of the American Tractor in the university archives.It supports the concept of the Princeton mission, even though I ultimately transferred to UCLA to complete my undergraduate education.We all know the history of many famous Princeton public servants, but here is a snapshot of a momentary brush with history of an incomplete Princetonian who never rose to the limelight. I am a Family Practice physician in active practice in Santa Monica, California.

For me, personally, it represent our class logo of "Going back, looking forward."

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Hopper is at Eisenhower’s left

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