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Maybe we never grew up.

Or maybe we’re in frantic denial of getting really old.

Or maybe we’re just getting stupider along with getting older.

Whatever, after a wine-fueled discussion in the Terrace Club Library during the Class’s Cocktail Party after the Yale Game on 10 November 2007, we decided to create this page to memorialize our more, uhhh, unusual activities. There are unlikely to be any pictures of grandchildren here.......

Andy Prindl masquerades as Henry James  here .

President Philip Detjens, inspired by who knows what, has created a second edition of his world-famous Trivia Quiz which, like the first, will surely test the knowledge of all of us about Princeton. Take the quiz  here .

Wild 'n' Crazy Joe Healey, M.M., takes the occasion of World Cup 2014 to reflect on his relationship with the famous football [aka soccer] Bradleys, father Bob and son (and current US national team star) Michael.  More 

Wild 'n' Crazy Doug Hopper reports on a freshman-year meeting with President Eisenhower and (believe it or not) a rototiller, and on his resulting induction into the American Legion Hall of Fame.  More 

Some of the Princeton connections to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa are obvious; one that is surely not so obvious is Joe Healey.  More 

Wild 'n' Crazy Clif Maloney became the oldest person ever to summit Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world, in September 2009, and died of unknown causes on the way down.  More 

Ed Smith surprises himself by turning into a politician.  More 

Wild 'n' Crazy Pride of place on this page goes to Clif Maloney, who extended his "hiking in exotic places" series to Antartica in November-December 2007. This is Clif on December 3, 2007 at 6:30 PM on the summit of Mount Vinson (16,067') - the highest mountain in the Antarctica.  More 

Wild 'n' Crazy Mike Southwell goes sky diving for the first time on 20 October 2007.  More 

David O’Neal reports on  drinking with Ernest Hemingway .

David O’Neal, the class’s unofficial Poet Laureate (so far there are no contenders for the title), reflects on  playing rugby as an undergraduate .

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