55th Reunion
May 28 - 31, 2015
dum vivimus, vivamus

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Our 55th Reunion over the weekend of 28-31 May 2015 was a huge success! See who attended  here . Our comfortable Headquarters was Hamilton courtyard, just south of Holder and convenient to the entire upper campus.


Events started in the late afternoon with drinks and socializing before dinner in our HQ tent. That was followed by enthusiastically received music by Tom Artin’s Jazz Band.


Friday was a much busier day.

After breakfast, our Class Picture was taken on the steps of Clio.

Next, we went to the Chapel for an extremely moving Memorial Service. Ron Fisher presided, and was assisted by Frank Bocian, Tread Davis, Armand Derfner, Joe Healey, Ron Hillegass, Rob Roy MacGregor, and Mark Rinker ’84 (the Class baby). Names of the 46 members of our Class who have died since the 50th Reunion were read by Mason Lowance, Jean Rousseau, Parker Harrell, Terry Mecray, Rich McGlynn, and Phil Becton. Music was provided by the Nassoons and University Organist Eric Plutz. The program for the Service is available  here . Ron Fisher’s Reflections are available  here .

The afternoon was free of Class-sponsored activities for attendance at various University-sponsored events. One unsponsored but popular event was a new ability to climb up into the tower of the Library for an elevated view of the entire campus. Pictures from that are available  here .

Shortly before dinner, President Chris Eisgruber spoke to the Class, bringing his greetings and describing exciting recent developments within the University. He was particularly impressed by, and commented on, our Reunions motto, dum vivimus vivamus, which he pronounced correctly but never translated, leaving one to wonder at his comprehension of it. All the Class members, of course, understood it perfectly.*

The delicious Friday evening Class dinner was climaxed by our Class Meeting, at which the following happened:

New Class Officers were elected:
Mike Southwell, President
Rich McGlynn, Vice President
Bob Seabring, Treasurer
Dick Grieves, Secretary

Unfortunately, through the stupidity or inattention of the person speaking (ok, it was my fault), Paul Taylor was not recognized for ten years of heroic work as Class Memorialist; it is hoped that this mention will provide a small remedy. Jean Rousseau was picked to replace him.

The Reunions Chairs were recognized:
Roger Barth and Mike Southwell, co-chairs
Bob Briggs, Headquarters and Crew
Ron Hillegass, Entertainment
Frank Montgomery, Finances
Bob Villency, Food and Beer
Gordy Silcox, Housing
Ron Fisher, Memorial Service
Peter Williamson and Mike Southwell, Merchandise
Bob Tellander, P-rade
Mike Southwell, Registration and Wine
Ren Keller, Transportation

Six Class members were recognized for their general contributions to Reunions by being inducted into the Society of the Claw:
Bob Briggs
Gordy Silcox
Mike Southwell
Bob Tellander
Dave Willard
Peter Williamson
Dave Willard’s award was accepted by his wife Peg because of his illness.

The evening’s classic rock-and-roll music was provided by Ivory Jim Hunter ’62 and the Headhunters. The Class members present belied their relatively small numbers by their relatively large enthusiasm.


Saturday lunch was punctuated by a visit and concert from the Marching Band, accompanied by its non-playing but cheering senior members.

The main focus for Saturday was of course the P-rade. Our Caribbean theme (prompted in large part by our recent mini-reunion in Cuba) manifested itself in the steel drummer who led us (and played later at HQ before dinner), a limbo bar which Bob Tellander danced under repeatedly, and beach balls which were both carried and thrown into and out of the large crowds. Pictures from that are available  here .

Saturday’s delicious dinner was followed by music provided by DJ Joe Cool (who had been also at our 50th Reunion). His music was so popular that it attracted dancers not just from our Class but also from many other and much younger classes (as indeed it had five years earlier), and when he finally shut down at midnight plenty of people wanted him to continue.


The weekend was brought to a relaxed and pleasant close with a nice brunch, and attendees left to return home (according to overheard comments) very happy with another Reunion.


A lot of the credit for the smooth functioning of the Reunion goes to our wonderful crew, headed by  Michael Bagnell  ’16 and  Audi Vitagliano  ’16, with  Annie Ferlman  ’16,  Jamie Shenk  ’16,  Wes Moon  ’16,  Daniela Raffel  ’16,  Victoria Hammarskjold  ’16,  Therese Perales  ’17,  Jovan Jeremic  ’17, and  Jonah May  ’17.

These ten were supplemented by three more crew members who functioned as drivers of golf carts to transport anyone needing help getting around:  Mina Para  ’17,  George Camerlo  ’17, and  Sam Keller  ’17, .

Class Ivy

Although the Class ivy is only tangentially related to Reunions (it was planted five years ago at our 50th Reunion), it is pleasing to report that it seems to be thriving, having grown so as almost to cover the commemorative plaque.


Collected here is a variety of stuff that doesn’t fit easily into the above categories.

 Annual Giving’s P-rade slideshow  (look at 0:13 and 1:04 particularly)

 Comments by Class Members 
 Musings by Lew Robinson 

 pictures of people 
 uncategorized pictures 

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Sending in your pictures is simple:

* On the remote possibility that there is still some confusion over the meaning of dum vivimus vivamus, it means (in Philip Detjens’s translation) while we are alive, let us live.

Photo credits so far: Peter Beuret, Mike Ippolito, Mason Lowance, Paul Rochmis, Mike Southwell, Peg Willard


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