Class Memorials

An index to all Class Memorials appearing in PAW, with links to the texts of those Memorials, may be found here.

1956 - 1989

Here is a collection of those memorials (in PDF format) which do not appear in PAW’s archive (see below); special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in amassing these.

1989 - present

PAW’s archive of Class Memorials from 1989 is here.

Classmates Without Memorials

The following list contains names, birthdates, and deathdates for classmates for whom no memorials exist:

Robert S. Adamson '60Dec 24, 1937Nov 24, 2003
Edward C. Chamberlin '60Jan 25, 1939Aug 09, 2003
David G. Coleman '60Jan 01, 1938Jan 01, 1998
B. Langdon Corson, Jr. '60Nov 12, 1938Apr 03, 1985
Dodge Crockett, Jr. '60Jul 21, 1938Nov 13, 1995
Lynn L. Detweiler, Jr. '60May 23, 1929Feb 27, 1983
Richard Fauntleroy Fennelly '60Apr 26, 1938Aug 14, 1958
Michael Groll '60Feb 10, 1939Jan 01, 1986
Timothy E. Houghton '60Sep 20, 1938Oct 27, 1974
James S. Jenkins '60Dec 29, 1936Jun 14, 2004
Alan C. Kaye-Martin '60Jul 12, 1937Mar 03, 2004
Thomas Kukic '60Mar 25, 1938Apr 03, 1999
John Lambros '60Apr 11, 1938May 17, 1999
James K. Lloyd '60Aug 12, 1938Mar 17, 1994
Andre J. Mankowski '60Jun 26, 19361972
Victor M. Regan '60May 10, 1938Jan 16, 2000
Daniel Martin Sachs '60Jul 22, 1938Jun 20, 1967
Carroll Sprigg '60Nov 08, 1938Aug 23, 1962
J. William Stilley '60 P93 Jul 14, 1938Nov 22, 1987
Victor William Wallin, Jr. '60Sep 22, 1938Jan 18, 1969
Garrett R. Welsh '60May 03, 1938Apr 05, 2005


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