Reunions 2019

Turnout was modest, but a wide range of activities and lectures/panels, along with beautiful weather, left everyone satisfied.

Evan Bush’s traditional pre-P-rade luncheon was held again in Prospect House. This gave attendees a convenient chance to socialize, discuss a couple of Class-oriented issues (more below), and enjoy an excellent light meal before the P-rade. A special guest was Sophie Helmers ’19, Parker Harrell’s grandaughter, due to graduate with honors on the following Tuesday. Attending were:
Roger Barth
Evan Bush
Philip Detjens
Alban Forcione & Joyce Gardiner
Tex Harris & Jeannie Harris, Sophie & Eddie
Ren Keller
Rich McGlynn & Vicky McGlynn
Terry Mecray
David Pearce
Andy Prindl & Deborah Robbins
Mike Southwell
Bob Briggs
Jim Weiss and wife

Conversation included a discussion of what is now being considered for a permanent memorial on campus which commemorates the Class. There was enthusiastic support for (1) an inscription on a stone in the Chapel, and (2) endowing an undergraduate scholarship. Because of this informal approval, the Class officers are now voting on taking specific action. When that is done, the Class will be notified.

Another topic of conversation was the possibility of the Class's sponsoring a panel discussion at next year's Reunions on the topic of Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Some members of the Class have already moved into these. A possibility for an additional part of the panel is the concept of Aid in Dying, which is supported by a clear majority of US residents. Again, there was support for our investigating such a panel, and you will all hear more when more information is available.

The Class expressed its strong appreciation to the Class of 1959 for its hospitality, which included complimentary eating at all meals, including even their Class dinner.

Showing up to march in time for the P-rade were Vicki and Jeff Beaver. There may have been others there, but if so, they kept themselves anonymous.

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the Class ivy is flourishing

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an example of a Chapel stone

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luncheon attendees

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at the P-rade

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