Reunions 2018

A cloudy and cool Saturday morning led to some trepidation about how successful the day’s events would be. More on this issue below.

Evan Bush’s traditional pre-P-rade luncheon was moved from the Nassau Club to an even nicer location in Prospect House. This gave attendees a convenient chance to socialize and enjoy an excellent light meal before the P-rade. Attending were: Roger Barth, Bob Briggs, Bruce Burnham, Evan Bush, Philip Detjens, Alban Forcione & Joyce Gardiner, Tex Harris & Jeannie, Ren Keller, Marshall Metzger & Janet, Greg Metzger '82 & Andrew Metzger '93, Andy Prindl & Deborah Robbins, Ross Santy & Lucia, Mike Southwell, Bob Tellander, and Bob Villency & Rowann.

Conversation included a discussion of the possibility of creating some kind of permanent memorial on campus which commemorates the Class. It was decided that we don't know enough yet about what, from the University's point of view, might be possible; and so Barth, Detjens, and Southwell will be investigating this further. There was also discussion of the feasibility of, and a place for, a mini-reunion during 2019. Some ideas were raised, and more information will be forthcoming as soon as we have it.

This being a pre-P-rade luncheon, we then left to line up (getting even closer to the beginning). Southwell had decided to march with 1993, the 25th reunion class which included his son. This class was, of course, nearly at the beginning (the Old Guard went first this year), But as soon as the first few marchers from 1993 entered Poe Field, an announcement was made that, lightning having been observed less than five miles away, everyone should seek immediate shelter inside. This requirement essentially ripped the P-rade apart, because it was never able to reconstitute itself from the dispersal. That turned out actually to be a good thing, since less than half an hour later, following one very loud clap of thunder, the heavens opened. It rained hard for a while, and then less hard, and then stopped after about an hour. So the 2018 P-rade was essentially a non-event, for possibly the first time in its history. And that is why there are no pictures.

Signing in but not seen otherwise were Rich McGlynn and Dave Pearce. There may have been others there, but if so, they kept themselves anonymous.

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the Class ivy is flourishing

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classmates at 1958’s Friday dinner

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