Reunions 2017

A rainy and cool Saturday morning led to some trepidation about how successful the day’s events would be, but fortunately things had cleared up before noon. This meant that Evan Bush’s traditional pre-P-rade luncheon at the Nassau Club gave attendees an easy and dry chance to socialize and enjoy an excellent light meal before the P-rade. Attending were:
Evan Bush, Philip Detjens, Ron & Rosa Fisher, Alban Forcione & Joyce Gardiner, Tex & Jeanie Harris, Ren Keller, Rich McGlynn, Andy & Deborah Prindl, Jean & Georgeanne Rousseau, Ross & Lucia Santy, Mike Southwell.

Conversation included possible locations for future mini-reunions, and the wisdom (or non-wisdom) of a recommended dress code for our 60th Reunion in 2020 (prompted by the necessity to order fabric and other materials if there is going to be such a recommendation). It was decided that Southwell’s August President’s Letter would contain some questions to try to elicit opinions from classmates on these issues.

Marching in the P-rade but not at the luncheon were:
Frank Bocian, Terry Mecray, Dave Pearce, Bob Seabring, Tom Urbaniak.

There may have been others attending but not marching, but if so, they kept themselves anonymous.

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the Class ivy is flourishing

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luncheon attendees
pitture da Rosa Fisher; grazie!

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photo credit: Ross Santy


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