Reunions 2014

The Class's affiliate location with 1959 moved reassuringly back up to the north end of campus, to the Hamilton courtyard between Holder and Joline, from last year's far south location. This made travel between our headquarters and various activities noticeably easier. The co-chairs for next year's 55th Reunion will be working hard to make sure that we have this location again next year.

An utterly unexpected highlight of the weekend was the opening at the Art Museum of the Rothko to Richter exhibit of 27 paintings from the collection of Preston Haskell, with its accompanying illustrated publication, Rothko to Richter: Mark-Making in Abstract Painting from the Collection of Preston H. Haskell.

As usual, Evan Bush's pre-P-rade luncheon at the Nassau Club gave attendees a chance to socialize and enjoy an excellent meal before the P-rade. Attending were:
Roger Barth
Evan Bush and Mack Emmert
Philip Detjens
John Gargalli and wife Suellen
Ron Hillegass
Ren Keller and daughter Sara '03
Bob Seabring
Gordon Silcox
Mike Southwell
Bob and wife Rowann Villency
Peter Williamson and friend Judy Richter

Marching in the P-rade but not at the luncheon were:
Jeff Beaver
Joan Sachs Shaw
Sam Winn and wife Linda

One very special marcher in the P-rade was Ted Willard, son of David, wearing David's Reunions jacket in his honor.

The 1960 banner was carried by Juliet Garrett ’15 and Juliette Levine '15. The banner for the Class of 1960 Quenby Williamson Award for the (second) best Reunions costume, won last year by the Class of 2008, was carried by Andria Mirabal and Meghan Howard Noveck from that class.

Attending but not marching were:
Preston Haskell
Rich McGlynn

Mike Southwell once again represented the Class at the traditional Farewell Luncheon for this year's Sachs Scholars, held as usual at the beautiful home and with the wonderful hospitality of Cathy and David Loevner ’76. Katie Dubbs and Anastasya Lloyd-Damnjanovic are as staggeringly impressive in person as their resumes suggest. They thanked the Class for providing this opportunity, with which I am sure they will chalk up even more accomplishments. Scholars attending were (left to right in the picture below) Christine Whelan Moyers '99, Madelyn Ross '79, Matthew Stewart '85, George Plews '74, David Loevner '76, and Alex Barnard '09. This group was joined in another picture by Sachs family members Joan Sachs Shaw, Iliana and Bill Sachs '66, and David Mackey (Bill's brother in law).

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photo gallery

the Class ivy is flourishing

photo gallery

Preston Haskell shows off the exhibition publication

photo gallery photo gallery

and describes the exhibition contents to a packed house

photo gallery photo gallery

luncheon attendees

photo gallery photo gallery
photo gallery photo gallery photo gallery photo gallery

Ted Willard wearing David’s jacket

photo gallery

the Class banner, carried in the P-rade by Juliet and Juliette

photo gallery

Classmates getting ready to march

photo gallery

2008 carrying the Quenby Williamson award banner

photo gallery

Southwell with Katie and Anastasya at the send-off brunch

photo gallery photo gallery


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