Reunions 2012

The now-traditional pre-P-rade Class luncheon at the Nassau Club, organized by Evan Bush, once again seems to have boosted off-year Reunions attendance. At the luncheon were:
Phil Becton and Betsy
Bob Briggs and Chris
Bruce Burnham and Nancy Woodworth
Evan Bush and Mack Emmert
Philip Detjens
Tex Harris
Ren Keller
Mike Southwell and Lillian
Bob Tellander
Bob Villency and Rowann
Dave Willard and Peg
Peter Williamson and Mary Ellen Daly
Tom Wing

All those listed above, plus Jeff Beaver with his daughter and a companion, marched in the P-rade (although a few rode instead of marching). We started alarmingly near the beginning of the line. Signed in but not marching were Gordon Batcheller, Jay Howson, and Rich McGlynn. McGlynn being absent, Southwell led a locomotive for Shirley. Following our group was the Class of 1961, carrying for the first time ever the banner for the Quenby Williamson Class of 1960 Award for Best Costume.

Southwell checked out the Class Ivy, which appears to be growing strongly even if not yet overwhelming the building.

On Sunday, Phil and Betsy Becton and Mike Southwell attended the traditional send-off brunch for this year’s Sachs scholar, Olivia Waring ’12, held at the home of Cathy and David Loevner ’76. Eight present and past scholars attended:
David Loevner '76
Anne-Marie Slaughter '80
Alex Barnard '09
Ronnie Shi '11
Olivia Waring '12
Andrea Richter Hume '91
Sue McMurry '92
Justin Pope '97

Emeritus Professor Charles Gillispie, our honorary Classmate and faculty advisor to the entire Sachs effort, was unable to attend due to illness. Our best wishes go out to him. Other notable attendees were Iliana and Bill Sachs '68 and Olivia Waring’s parents.

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photo gallery

Detjens and Bush address the luncheon attendees

photo gallery photo gallery photo gallery
photo gallery

The Class ivy...

photo gallery

is flourishing

photo gallery


photo gallery


photo gallery

Williamson with the Quenby Williamson award banner

photo gallery

Malcolm Warner ’25 once again is the oldest attendee

photo gallery photo gallery
photo gallery photo gallery

1961 follows us, carrying the Quenby Williamson award banner

photo gallery

Southwell and Becton with Olivia Waring at her send-off brunch

photo gallery

and her parents

photo gallery

David Loevner congratulates Olivia

photo gallery photo gallery

(from left) Loevner, Waring, Barnard, Shi, Slaughter, Richter Hume, Pope


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