Reunions 2011

Thanks once again to Evan Bush's efforts, a pre-P-Rade class luncheon at the Nassau Club noticeably increased attendance at this off-year Reunion. At the luncheon were: Briggs, Bush, Detjens, Hillegass, Keller, McGlynn, Southwell, Stoller, Villency, Willard, Williamson, and Wing, along with various spouses/partners.

All of the above, along with Beaver, McMillan, and Weiss, marched in the P-Rade, which featured a banner signifying our having won the Class of 1945 Reunion Trophy for the best float at last year's P-Rade. Batcheller was seen but did not march; there may have been others.

At the Alumni Council Awards Luncheon on Friday, Evan Bush represented the Class and received the actual Class of 1945 Reunion Trophy. Announced also at the Luncheon was that the Class has established a new Reunions award, the Quenby Cullen Williamson Class of 1960 Reunon Award, to be given to the Class wearing the most imaginative costume (after ours, of course). The announcement included a glowing tribute to Quenby Williamson, deceased wife of Peter, who created the distinctive Tiger jackets currently worn by the Class. The award consists of possession for one year of a silver platter originally belonging to Quenby, suitably inscribed.

Evan and Mack Emmert sat on the reviewing stand with President Tilghman to help to review and judge both the floats at this year's P-Rade (for the 1945 Reunion Trophy) and the costumes (for the 1960 Quenby Williamson Award). The winners will be decided during the next academic year, with both awards to be presented at next year's Alumni Affairs luncheon on the Friday of Reunions.

Evan and Mack also represented the Class at a reception for the current Sachs Scholar, Ronnie Shu '11, at Iliana and Bill Sachs's house in Princeton on the Sunday following reunions.

Our honorary classmate, Professor Emeritus Charles Gillispie, one of the founders of the Sachs Scholarship, was given a Doctor of Humane Letters honorary degree at Commencement.  More 

Southwell checked out the Class's ivy, planted last year at the side of Nassau Hall; it appears to be growing vigorously.


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Class Ivy

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Lunch at the Nassau Club

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the P-Rade marchers

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Malcolm Warnock ’25, yet again the oldest attendee

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the Class Banner, carried by ## ’13 and ## ’13

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the 1954 Trophy Banner, carried by ## ’13

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McGlynn leads a locomotive for President Tilghman

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Bush on the reviewing stand


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