Reunions 2005

Plans are underway for our 45th reunion, to be held on 26-29 May 2005, Memorial Day weekend. You may view a current list of registrants  here .

Annual Giving Passes $1,000,000!

The Class’s donations to Annual Giving have passed $1,000,000! Philip Detjens’s mid-May report is here.

Class Schedule and Information

An advance copy of the brochure that will be in our registration packets is available here (in PDF format).

Events for All Attendees

The University has made available a list of Reunions events open to all attendees, here.

May 2005 Letter about Annual Giving

(PDF format; large!)

Special Reminders If You Have On-campus Housing

  • Soap will be provided, but wisdom suggests bringing your own as well.
  • Be warned: towels will be skimpy.
  • Be further warned: although we have made special provisions to have extra blankets, in the past there has been a blanket shortage.
  • Bring your large picture from the 40th Reunion if you have it.
  • You must have a check for your key deposit; no cash and no credit cards will be accepted.
  • Sunday checkout is scheduled for noon, but rooms in Forbes will be needed early so that they can be given to parents of graduating seniors; so plan to leave early.
  • You will need a photo ID to be issued your Reunions wristband.

April 2005 All-hands Reunions Planning Meeting

The University sponsored a meeting on 9 April 2005 for the Planning Committees for all the major reunions, and especially for student crew members. Our Committee met beforehand at the Nassau Club for lunch with (almost) the entire crew, to continue planning.

[image of planning meeting] (from L) David Ochotorena ’06, Bartender; Jon Dekker ’06, Maintenance; Esmeralda Negron ’05, Reception*; Ali Smith ’06, Registration; Charles Bahlert ’06, Transportation
* Esmeralda will be in soccer camp with the Women’s National Team on the weekend of Reunions. She will be replaced by Madeleine Jackson ’06 at the Reception table.
View a larger image
[image of planning meeting] (from L) Tim Strickland ’07, Grounds; Bush; Willard
View a larger image
[image of planning meeting] (from L) Barth; Brandon Devers ’05, Crew Chief; Wing
View a larger image
[image of planning meeting] (from L) Seabring; Deyo
View a larger image
[image of planning meeting] the general meeting
View a larger image
[image of planning meeting] Adrienne Rubin ’88, who ran the general meeting
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Missing crew members: Elizabeth Pillion ’05, Assistant Crew Chief; Jay McCareins ’06, Assistant Crew Chief; Clinton Wu ’05, Head Bartender; Derek Davis ’06, Maintenance; Lindsay Cole ’06, Registration.

taking pictures and therefore unshown: Southwell

March 2005 Letter about Annual Giving

(PDF format)

February 2005 Letter about Annual Giving

(PDF format)

December 2004 Letter to Classmates

October 2004 Planning Meeting

The Committee met before the Harvard game on 23 October to review current plans and meet the undergraduates who will lead our Reunions crew.

[image of meeting - 1] (from L) Willard, Deyo, McGlynn, Brandon Devers ’05 (crew chief).
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[image of meeting - 2] (from L) Devers, Elizabeth Pillion ’06 (assistant crew chief), Bush.
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[image of meeting - 3] (from L) Barth, Willard. Taking the pictures and therefore unseen: Southwell.
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September 2004 Letter about Annual Giving

Dick Deyo wrote all Classmates in September 2004, announcing Annual Giving 2004-2005, with a Class goal of $2,250,000 for our 45th Reunion year.  [More] 

May 2004 Planning Meeting

[image of 45th Reunion committee]
The Committee met on Saturday morning of Reunions 2004 to continue planning for next year's event. Present were (from left) Barth, Willard, McGlynn, and Deyo, and (in front, in mufti) Southwell and Seabring. Bush and Wing were also present but not for the photo.

Committee Members and Planning Responsibilities

Please contact any Committee member to help with the planning.

 Roger Barth  Chairman
 Dave Willard  Alumni Faculty Forum
Dave Lank Artwork
Dee Rinker Associates Liaison
 Ron Hillegass  Beverages
 Peter & Quenby Williamson  Costumes
 Lee Fuller  Entertainment
 Bob Seabring  Finances
 Ron Hillegass  Food
 Skip Swan  Headquarters
 Tom Wing  Housing
 Rich McGlynn  P-Rade
 Dick Deyo  Publicity & Promotion
 Evan Bush  Registration
 Roger Barth  Student Crew
 Mike Southwell  Technology
Brandon Devers ’05 Student Crew Manager
Elizabeth Pillion ’05 & Jay McCareins ’06 Student Crew Assistant Managers

Other responsibilities, so far unassigned: Children’s Program/Activities, Community Service Project, Memorial Service, Program, Satellite Classes, Transportation, Yearbook. Please  contact Dick Deyo  to help with any of these activities.


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