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Dear Classmates and Class Associates,

Have you recently noticed that you get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee? Or perhaps you've been finding that you accidentally enter your password on the microwave? Do you pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home?


How about getting back to the way we used to be and come to the great Class of 1960's 45'h Reunion next May! Why not share the memories we all have with 200 of your classmates whom you haven't seen in five years, or maybe forty-five years? As you may have noted, we've kept our Janus Tiger, "Going Back - Looking Forward", since he seems to reinforce the feeling so many of us have about Reunions. Looking back, we have many recollections of our class, each other, and the four years we spent together there. But we are also looking forward to the future, new experiences in life, second careers, and we see many good times to come. Let's share them with each other.

Our headquarters location next year will be in Forbes College - the old Princeton Inn across from McCarter Theater. Aside from the convivial socializing, good music, casual meals, this is an ideal spot for long conversation and to visit with old friends. Attached is a brief day-to-day synopsis of 1960's Reunion Program, which begins on Thursday evening, May 26, and concludes with brunch on Sunday morning, May 29. Please note that this is Memorial Day weekend.

In addition, through the encouragement of Dee Rinker, 1960's representative to the Alumni Council's Class Associates Committee, we hope to have the pleasure of renewing acquaintances with the companions of those classmates who are no longer on our active rolls, but who have not been forgotten. If you had a classmate who was a good friend or roommate, please personally extend the invitation to join you and the Class next May. Dee will be in touch with our Class Associates directly.

Note there is no registration fee if you are a Class Associate.

As in 2000, we have planned to entertain at Sunday Brunch a number of returning Sachs Scholars whom the class has sent to Oxford over the past 35 years. This will be a hands-on opportunity to discuss the significant impact this program has had in developing the lives and contributions of Princetonians who followed us, including the current Deans of the Woodrow Wilson School and the Harvard Law School.

To get started on the Road to Old Nassau next May, enclosed is a registration form for information we need for planning regarding:

        Who's coming

        Arrival/departure dates

        Meal attendance

        Supplemental reunion clothing


If you are planning to order an orange and black reunion jacket (introduced at our 30th) it is essential that you return the enclosed special order card with payment prior to February 1, 2005. This is critical to provide lead time to manufacture, and the existing supply of fabric is limited.

There is a discount for registrations postmarked prior to January 20, 2005. Please get your registration in by that date, but no later than February 15, 2005.

Continue to check the Class Notes in the Princeton Alumni Weekly and, importantly, the class website at for the latest information and updates on the reunion. Call your roommates NOW!

If you've been sitting at the same desk for the past 12 years and worked for three different companies, it's time to get up and take a break at our 45th. Your Reunion Committee is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to greet you on May 26th!

The Reunion Committee

November 30, 2004


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