A Resolution to Enroll Don Betterton

as an Honorary Member of the Princeton Class of 1960

WHEREAS, Don Betterton, a member of our sister class of 1960 at Dartmouth College, came to the Princeton campus over forty years ago as a Naval Aviator and instructor in the Naval ROTC program, subsequently entering the administration in the Financial Aid Office of the University in 1966, and

WHEREAS, Don Betterton has been the Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid since 1974 and is retiring at the end of this academic year from what many consider to be one of the pre-eminent aid programs among US colleges and universities, and

WHEREAS, Don has distinguished himself in assuming a national leadership role in designing and implementing practices to encourage the enrollment of low- and middle-income students which has had a significant impact on the accessibility of a Princeton education for thousands of alumni, in serving as a Trustee of the College Board, Chairman of the Policy Committee of the Consortium on Financing Higher Education, and as a member of the Ivy League Policy Committee,

WHEREAS, Don has coached both women’s and men’s soccer at Princeton for over forty years and has recorded multiple victories over Dartmouth,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Don Betterton be elected an honorary member of the Princeton Class of 1960, with all the attendant privileges and obligations thereof,

RESOLVED FURTHER that the Secretary of the Class of 1960 be instructed to forward a copy of this Resolution to the Secretary of the Alumni Council and to the Director of Alumni Records.

Given this 28th day of May, 2005.


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