Annual Giving 2004-2005

Here is President Dick Deyo’s September 2004 letter to all Classmates.

Dear Classmate,

I am sure over the years you have often heard of an education at Princeton referred to as
an "experience." As we have moved on through life and are now approaching our 45th
Reunion year, this experience seems to emerge with greater clarity than perhaps it did
forty years ago.

We entered our freshman year to "go to college." When we left, we had all shared a real
"experience" which would never again be duplicated. Unknown to us in September 1956,
Princeton was to be our "Stargate," our path to the future, not only to the educational
ambitions we sought, but also to guiding principles which molded our lives and would
result in associations and friendships which would last a lifetime. After four years,
Princeton had become much more than an education.

It is just this experience that brings over 18,000 alumni and friends back for Reunions
and generates Annual Giving support from over 60% of those alumni, the envy of nearly
all other academic institutions.

It is time to think how we can pass this "Stargate" on to future generations of students, so
they, too, can participate in the experience we shared. One way is Annual Giving, which
helps support the legacy of excellence from which we have all benefited.

This year, the University Annual Giving Committee has set an overall goal for Princeton
alumni, parents, and friends of $38 million (an increase over the final result of $36.5
million last year). We are determined to do our part as a Class to help achieve this goal.
Since graduation 1960 has maintained a significant record of support. We have
consistently demonstrated our loyalty and gratitude by raising $9.2 million in unrestricted
dollars. At our last major reunion in 2000, we set a class record at $2,152,858. For our
Forty-fifth, we are aiming to surpass that amount with a goal of $2,250,000.

Certainly our campaign is about dollars. But, importantly, it's also about participation.
Since graduation roughly two-thirds of us contribute each year to Annual Giving - we hit
84.4% for our 25'h Reunion! This time I hope most everyone will participate. It is not
often we can join together in a common effort with those with whom we have a bond, to
show 1960's commitment to the University. This is one of those opportunities.

I am delighted to announce that Special Gift Co-Chairs Phil Becton, Lang Cook, Rich
McGlynn, Dave Rahr, Jean Rousseau and Class Agent Phil Detjens have agreed to
lead our effort, ably supported by the many volunteers listed to the left. These men have
our thanks for their willingness to take on the important task of personally contacting
everyone in the Class. When you hear from one of them later this Fall, please give his
request serious and generous consideration.

In advance, my thanks for your help with this important endeavor by the Class of 1960,
for Princeton. I look forward to seeing you at our 45th, May 26-29, 2005, if not before.