Colonial Philadelphia Mini-reunion, 26-28 September 2014

This latest in our series of mini-reunions was ably organized by Jim Bromley, Kurt Medina, and Terry Mecray, who reports as follows:

We had a wonderful reunion this weekend with 90 classmates and spouses/companions present. The weather was simply perfect. Highlights were a visit with History Professor Barbara Oberg to the American Philosophical Society, her speech Saturday morning about Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, a two hour walking tour of the Historic District, a visit to the National Constitution Center that had a new exhibit on The Contradictions of Thomas Jefferson (showing the treatment of his slave families), and best of all; a superb class dinner on board the world's largest four masted schooner, the Moshulu, on the Delaware River. Grand cocktails, dinner and a hilarious visit by Ben Franklin himself. Sunday had a visit to the Barnes Foundation, the finest collection of impressionist art anywhere.

Bruce B. Adaire
Marilyn Adaire
Roger Barth
Christina Barth
Bob Baylis
Jeff Beaver
Vicki Beaver
Philip Becton
Walter Berger
Nancy Berger
Arthur R. Boone
Natalie R. Peterson
James Bromley
Joan Bromley
Lester Cooper
Kamer Davis
F.T. Davis, Jr.
Winifred Davis
C. Stanley Dees
Anna E.H. Dees
Philip Detjens
Susan Detjens
David D. Dodge
Peter Fish
Barbara Fish
Ron Fisher
Rosa Fisher
Ashley L. Ford
Barbara H. Ford
Parker Harrell
Adele Harrell
F.A. Tex Harris
Jeanie Harris
Charles D. Hicks
James C. Hirschy
Ruth Lynford
Tony Hitschler
Lynn Hitschler
Robert G. Isbell
Susan Isbell
Ronald Katsky
Ren Keller
Alice C. Keller
Peter Larr
Rosamond Larr
Rob Roy MacGregor
James Matlack
Paul M. Mecray III
Ella S. Mecray
Harold Medina
Pamela Medina
Frank Montgomery
Mary Montgomery
George Peyton
Lani Rumbaoa
Theodore S. Peyton
Elizabeth L. Peyton
Peter Reilly
Rae Messer Reilly
Paul G. Rochmis
Ann Rochmis
Jean Rousseau
Edwin Saphar
Gabriel Saphar
Frank Schultz
Paula Schultz
Seabring, Robert C.
Seabring, Ellen B.
James Asa Shield,Jr
Jack Siggins
Maureen Sullivan
Gordon Silcox
Hobart K. Swan
Janis F. Swan
Paul D. Taylor
Dorcas B. Taylor
Rob Warne
Suzy Warne
Peter W. Williamson
Judy Richter
Samuel Winn
Linda Winn

For archival purposes, Terry Mecray’s cover letter, itinerary, and reservation form are  here .

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Tex and Bruce


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