Harvard Game, 25 October 2014

An absolutely dreadful performance by the football team was mitigated somewhat by perfect weather and good times with good friends. The Alumni Association’s Alumni Tailgate was attended only by Wing, Detjens, and Southwell. Bocian and Deiss had signed up but were unseen; they missed lots of delicious food and drink, and a large crowd including many from neighboring classes. Only six classmates had even more delicious food and drink at the Class’s annual cocktail party in the Library at Terrace Club after the game. This group featured Albie Forcione, who was attending his first-ever Class event since our graduation; we hope to see him much more in the future. They were supplemented by spouses and friends, plus a large group of Siggins relatives, plus Paul Raeder (Annual Giving’s long-time liaison to our Class) and Bob Holley, plus Iliana and Bill Sachs ’66. Surely there were others present somewhere, but they did not get noticed enough to get mentioned here.

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the Class Ivy is doing fine

photo gallery

Wing, Detjens, and Southwell at the Alumni Association’s pre-game tailgate

photo gallery

(from left) Beaver, Siggins, Forcione, Southwell, Detjens, McGlynn at Terrace Club after the game

photo gallery

with spouses and friends: Vicki Beaver, Joyce Giardino, Vicky McGlynn, Maureen Siggins


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