Freshman Football Team, 1956

[Freshman Football Team, 1956] The Freshman Football Team in 1956 had an undefeated season, and many of its members went on to be key players on the 1957 varsity, which claimed the very first Ivy League Championship. This picture was retrieved by The Legends from the 1957 Bric-a-Brac.

Back row: Fernandez, Sprague, Murray, Wagstaff, Bell, Collins, Dees, Kukic, Batcheller, Villency, Lowance, Johnson, Soden, Milling. Third row: Whitton (asst coach), Moore (asst coach), Gleba, Gargalli, Crispo, George, Stansbury, Gillespie, Shaughnessy, Lasater, Gregory, Orsini, Turner, Hillegass, Smith, Friedman, Brooks (mgr), Davidson (coach). Second row: McMillan, Prince, Ippolito, Sachs, Conway, Oxenreider, Bates, Szvetecz, Robert Fisher, Shultz, Max, Kostelnik. First row: Ball, Forcione, Ronald Fisher, Lenzner, Shade, Maddalon, Carlin, See, MacGreger, St. Phillip, Cullen.
credit for retrieving the names goes to Dave Douglas


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