February 20, 2007


Dear Classmates:


We are now at the half-way mark of this years’ dues collection efforts.  At this point, we have received contributions from 241 Classmates and the total dues received is $13,225.  This is the same pace as last year and I thank everyone for their efforts and support.  Those Classmates who have not given will be receiving another mailing within the next month but you can avoid the hassle by contributing now.  As you know, we have kept our Class dues at $55 for the past several years despite rising costs and we would like to continue at this level.  Therefore it is my hope that we can increase our donor base to 400 Classmates.  This would be approximately two-thirds of the total number of our current list of 624.  In addition we also provide a complimentary PAW to all widows. We  encourage you to also support the 1960 Sachs Scholarship Fund. 


The Class, as you have seen from our PAW column, we are healthy and surviving.  Classmates have written to Richard Grieves and contributed to the column with news and photos.  I encourage everyone to continue to do the same and I would  urge a visit to the Campus sometime this Spring.  Our Class Dinner in New York City will be held on Monday, March 5th and our guest speaker is Ann Marie Slaughter, Class of 1980, a former Sachs Scholar.  At the present time she is head of the Woodrow Wilson School and I believe her talk will be very interesting.  Richard Deyo is running the dinner and I would encourage everyone to call him for additional information.


Many thanks again for your continued support and loyalty to the Class and to Princeton.



Best wishes,


John G. Cartier