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Reunions 2022

The university's official Reunions video is  here .

Annual Giving's Reunions video is  here .

Evan Bush reports on the Class's presence:

It was good to go back to Reunions once again. Attending Reunions were Charlie Barber; Roger Barth; Bob and Chris Briggs.; Evan Bush; Fred Hafetz, Ren Keller and his daughter Sarah ’03; Rich and Vicki McGlynn; Skip and Ginger Meishlan; Andy and Deborah Prindl, Bill Roberts and Mary Gedney; Bob and Ellen Seabring; Ross and Lucia Santy; and Bob and Rowann Villency. We had a delightful lunch in the beautiful library at Prospect House where Charlie Barber sang The Ash Grove, a lovely song about the sorrowful but fond memories of lost friends before we sang Old Nassau and cheered the University and the Class. This year we had enough people stay to enjoy a dinner together Saturday at the Nassau Club.
25 May 2022

[image of Tex] His family created a celebration of Tex Harris’s life on 21 May. The large attendance included many foreign service colleagues and the Class members shown below (from right: Kahane, Avery, Warne, Spivak, Elgin, Dees, Middleton, Rochmis). Special thanks to Paul Rochmis for passing this information along.

[image of Class members attending]
30 May 2022

Evan Bush has announced that 10 April is the deadline for registering for Reunions 2022. See below for information about contacting him to register.
1 April 2022

Evan Bush has announced preliminary plans for Reunions 2022:

Thank you [in advance] for letting me know your Reunion plans. At present there are approximately 15 classmates who will be coming back. Based on that we have made arrangements for lunch Saturday at noon at Prospect House. I will have more information about the lunch and cost later. Prospect House is on campus near the chapel and was formerly the president's home.

We will be the guests of the Class of 1962 and there will be no cost for attending their events. However, their dinners for Friday and Saturday are closed events and we will need to plan dinner events for those who are coming for the full weekend. Accordingly, I need to know if you are planning to be at Princeton on Friday and Saturday.

Contact Evan at or (302) 841-3074 with your plans.
11 March 2022

The February 2022 Annual Giving Solicitation letter from Dave Dodge and Rich McGlynn is available  here  (in pdf format).
17 February 2022

“To Be or Not to Be” is the question for many events this year including Princeton Reunions and our annual Reunion Lunch. If our Reunion Lunch does take place,it will be on Saturday, May 25th. Despite the uncertainty of the Lunch, the Reunions crew will need an estimate of those who would attend so that we can have a suitable venue. If you plan to attend, please let Evan Bush know at evanbush38@gmail or (302) 841-3074.
26 January 2022

Bob Seabring's Treasurer's letter for November 2021 is available  here  (in pdf format).
4 December 2021

Bob Briggs's President's letter for 2021 is available  here  (in pdf format).
2 October 2021

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Robert S. Stroman, 23 September 2020
Peter M. Crispo, 20 December 2020
James W. Leonard, 27 January 2021
Michael F.R. Newbold, 10 June 2021
Maurice B. Landers III, 11 July 2021
Paul D. Taylor, 18 July 2021
Peter B. Alford, 27 August 2021
Thomas R. Smith, Jr., 2 September 2021
Thomas F. Urbaniak, 5 September 2021
Alban Keith Forcione, 14 September 2021
Ned C. Steele, 20 September 2021
C. Gerald Sundahl, 22 October 2021
James A. Shield, Jr., 24 October 2021
Edward H. Smith, Jr., 31 October 2021
Arthur S. Rosenblatt, 1 December 2021
John F. Curley, Jr., 1 January 2022
Philip J. Rogal, 15 February 2022
Kaneaster Hodges, Jr., 23 March 2022
Anthony J. Mayhew, 18 April 2022
Ronald E. Barks, 9 May 2022
Rob Roy MacGregor, III, 12 May 2022
Lance Robinson, 13 May 2022
Peter H. Gray, 3 June 2022


President Bob Briggs has updated his December letter reporting the University’s Spring 2021 planning; it is available as a webpage  here .
1 March 2021

A letter from President Bob Briggs, available  here  in pdf format, reports the University's decision not to schedule Reunions 2021 in a traditional format, at least not yet. More information will (eventually) be forthcoming.
1 January 2021

The 2021 Sachs Scholars have been announced: Aisha Tahir ’21, Jimin Kang ’21, and Hannah Duffus from Worcester College, Oxford. As usual, the Scholars have jaw-dropping accomplishments already and even bigger plans for the future.

From the announcement email: “Aisha plans to take her mighty pen and journalistic ambitions to South Asia, where she will report on multi-generational feminism before heading off for formal study at SOAS in London. . . . She is, among many other things, one of the very few Muslim students in the world ever to have interned for the Jewish Daily Forward. . . .

Jimin . . . promises to combine an extraordinary talent for journalism with a passion for the environment. As our Worcester Scholar, she proposes to pursue master’s degrees in both comparative literature and environmental management. An academic superstar with a clutch of prizes to her name, Jimin has been a campus leader through both her service work and her journalism. She also happens to be both a championship debater and a championship belly dancer. . . .

Hannah Duffus, a graduate of Monash University in Australia and currently a Provost’s Scholar at Worcester, will explore wildfire literatures of the American West as a student of the environmental humanities at the Princeton Graduate School. . . .She knows more about supervising a blueberry farm than the rest of us put together.”

See also the announcement on page 13 of the March 2021 issue of PAW.
8 March 2021

Tex Harris was honored on 10 December 2020, Human Rights Day, by two different human rights organizations in Washington, DC. Details are  here . Tex was also featured in the annual celebration in PAW of alumni of particular distiction who have died during the previous year; that article is  here .
22 February 2021

Bob Briggs's President's letter for 2020 is available  here  (in pdf format).
1 September 2020

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Dual A. Macintyre, 9 February 2020
Donald P. Wei, 1 August 2020
Douglas L. Relyea, 3 October 2020
Eric R. Miller, 20 October 2020
Edward A. Kostelnik, 15 November 2020
Peter M. Crispo, 20 December 2020
Arthur L. Max, 25 December 2020
Donald B. Stott, 25 December 2020
John H. Arens, 13 January 2021
William O. Fulton, 13 January 2021
John C. Roemer III, 14 January 2021
Theron. O. Worth, Jr., 19 January 2021
William Whipple III, 22 March 2021
John L. Hopkins, 29 March 2021
Charles G. Reul, 2 April 2021
Ian H. McGee, 11 April 2021
Peter H. Renkert, 21 May 2021
William R. McMaster, 27 May 2021


The class of 1961 will be holding a Zoom conversation between Anne-Marie Slaughter '80 (Sachs Scholar, former dean of the Woodrow Wilson School, and important State Department employee) and John M. Cooper '61, (biographer of Woodrow Wilson), to be moderated by TV host Jim Zirin '61, at 4:00 pm ET on Tuesday, September 8, on the subject of the removal of Wilson's name from the Woodrow Wilson School and Wilson College. They have extended an invitation to 1960 (and 1962) to join the discussion and the following Q&A session.

The program is described as follows:

On June 26th last, Princeton's Board of Trustees, citing Woodrow Wilson's racism, took the decision to remove Wilson's name from the School of Public and International Affairs and its residential college. The decision came just one month after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

President Christopher Eisgruber called the decision "wrenching but right." He said that "Princeton was part of an America that has too often disregarded and turned a blind eye to racism."

Wilson has had a special relationship to Princeton, and had many considerable accomplishments. He was one of two alumni to become President of the United States; the other was James Madison, who gave us the Constitution and Madison Hall, but happened to own slaves. Wilson was a progressive and an internationalist. He won the Nobel Peace Prize, and appointed Louis D. Brandeis, the first Jewish justice, to the Supreme Court. As Princeton's president, he gave us the preceptorial system, the first Catholic faculty member, and our watchword "Princeton in the nation's service."

But Princeton had not turned a "blind eye" to Wilson's racism. Just five years ago, after a group of students occupied his office, Eisgruber appointed a blue-ribbon panel to consider the issue of Princeton's use of Woodrow Wilson's name. The panel recommended certain reforms: among other things, to recount the history of Wilson's racism more honestly, but to leave Wilson's name on its renowned public policy school and residential college. The Board accepted the recommendation, a decision with which Eisgruber said he "strongly agreed." So what led the University to change course?

Class members who wish to participate should click here and follow the instructions to sign up.

The Zoom link will be sent to those who have signed up shortly before the date of the conversation.
17 August 2020

[Sue Pierson] Part of the business at the Class's Virtual Class Meeting (see the next item) was to make Sue Pierson, Director of Residential Dining, an honorary member of the Class. She had shortly before that meeting received an Award for Service to Princeton from the Alumni Council. That award was written up on page 9 of the PAW for June/July 2020, and also  here .
29 June 2020

The Class's Virtual Class Meeting, replacing what would have taken place during Reunions, was held via Zoom on 6 June 2020, with good attendance and a high level of satisfaction all around, despite the somewhat difficult conditions. Dick Grieves's minutes (in downloadable pdf format) are  here .
9 June 2020

Lawrence Davis writes as follows: “I’ve just finished writing and publishing a novel based on my great-grandfather’s life during and after the civil war. He had to walk a path between his antislavery family and the confederate draft law which set him on a journey he never expected as a P.O.W. in the notorious Camp Douglas prison in Chicago. After the war he lacks funds to marry his sweetheart and asks her to wait for him not less than three years, no more than five years to allow him to go to California to earn money. After a journey to home, family, and peace, his life demonstrated that hardships can be overcome and a successful life achieved. The Life and Times of Jim Henery Shore is available at I hope readers will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.”
9 June 2020

The University has put together a Virtual P-rade video as a kind of substitute for the real thing. Our contribution was put together by the Reunions chairs, Barth, Briggs, and Bush, and is available for download (in mp4 format; it's large, so it will take at least a couple of minutes to download) here.
4 June 2020

The University has at long, long last announced that the 2019 winner of the Class of 1960 Quenby Cullen Williamson Award for the outstanding Reunions costume was the Class of 2009. The theme was "09-tendo" and the marchers were dressed as Marios and Marias. Roll over the image to pop up a larger version.
26 May 2020

[image of 1956 freshman team] The Legends have found a picture of the 1956 Freshman football team. See a much larger image (which is therefore slow to load) with names and discussion here.
20 May 2020

I have received the sad news that Sam McKinstry has died from the Covid 19 virus. We are all in a highly vulnerable population, so please be careful to follow all the serious advice that comes from reliable medical sources about how to keep yourself as safe as possible.
24 March 2020

The Alumni Day luncheon on Saturday, 22 February, was, alas, not very well attended. But those of us who were there got to meet one of this year's two undergraduate Sachs Scholars, Gabriela Oseguera Serra ’20, and Clare Crescimanno ’23, the first recipient of our Class of 1960 Memorial Scholarship. President Mike Southwell represented the Class at the post-luncheon Memorial Service in the Chapel, where the following Class members were added to the University’s Memorial Roll during 2019:
James Andrew Aull, June 8, 2019
Carter Franklin Bales, July 5, 2019
Richard Everett Briggs, December 8, 2019
Thomas R. Brown Campbell, March 25, 2019
Chalmers Edgar Cornelius III, December 3, 2019
William Wyatt Dudley Jr., November 15, 2017
Arnold Frederick Gerstell, February 23, 2019
Alfred Robinson Glancy III, January 10, 2019
Peter Larr, December 16, 2019
Marshall Greig Metzger, September 7, 2019
John Terence Ogden, March 19, 2019
Torrance Crawford Raymond, December 29, 2017
Russell Edgar Stratton, August 27, 2019
23 February 2020

This year's Sachs Scholars have been announced.

[image of Gabriela Oseguera Serra] Gabriela Oseguera Serra, of Galloway, New Jersey, is a politics concentrator focusing on comparative politics. She is also pursuing a certificate in global health and health policy. Oseguera Serra is a member of the University’s Scholars in the Nation Service Initiative (SINSI) and is the recipient of awards from the John C. Bogle ’51 Bogle Fellowship and Princeton Health Scholars among others. She will attend Oxford's Worcester College.

[image of Yousef Elzalabany]
Yousef Elzalabany, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, is pursuing a concentration in Near Eastern studies and certificates in creative writing and humanistic studies. He is also a Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) undergraduate fellow and a recipient of the national Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship. He is a Sachs Global Scholar.

[image of Matteo Parisi]
Matteo Parisi is a third-year Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at Worcester College, University of Oxford. He earned a master’s degree in theoretical and mathematical physics jointly at the Ludwig Maximilian and Technical University of Munich in Germany, and a bachelor’s of science in physics from the University of Bologna in Italy. He will be a graduate student in Physics at Princeton.

Much more information is available in the University’s announcement  here .
17 January 2020

The University reports that the Class of 1960 Memorial Scholarship Fund for 2019-20 has been awarded for the first time, to Clare Crescimanno ’23. The announcement (in pdf format) is available  here . President Southwell has written her directly with congratulations on behalf of the Class.
28 December 2019

Treasurer Bob Seabring reports that the Class of 1960 Memorial Scholarship Fund has received an additional $8,955 in donations accompanying the remittance of Class dues so far for the 2019-20 academic year. This wonderful show of support suggests that members of the Class are fully behind this effort to leave a permanent reminder of our Class's presence, along with the Dan Sachs Scholarship, for future Classes.
18 December 2019

The Class of 1998, winner of the 2018 Quenby Williamson Class of 1960 Award for best Reunions costume, carries the celebratory banner in the 2019 P-rade.
10 September 2019

Mike Southwell's President's letter for 2019 is available  here  (in pdf format).
9 September 2019

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Henry D. Mirick, 1 October 2016
Torrance C. Raymond, 29 December 2017
Carter F. Bales, 5 July 2019
Russell E. Stratton, 27 August 2019
Marshall G. Metzger, 7 September 2019
Chalmers E. Cornelius III, 3 December 2019
Richard E. Briggs, 8 December 2019
Peter Larr, 16 December 2019
Peter W. Williamson, 24 January 2020
G. Grenville Cuyler, 1 February 2020
Douglas B. Leatham, 13 February 2020
Franklyn Allen “Tex” Harris, 23 February 2020
Samuel D. McKinstry, 22 March 2020
William R. Bryant, Jr., 20 May 2020
Walter N. Kirn, Jr., 26 May 2020
W. Anthony Hitschler, 16 July 2020


A report on Reunions 2019 can be found  here .

A report on the highly successful Class mini-reunion in Jacksonville can be found  here .

Harry Lord has a letter in the PAW for 28 January 2019 reflecting (in view of the football team's undefeated season) on Dan Sachs and the 1957 football team's winning of the initial Ivy League Championship. It can be read  here .

President Mike Southwell hosted this year's two Sachs Scholars, Emily Geyman '19 and Tylor-Maria Johnson '19 at the Alumni Day luncheon on Saturday, 23 February. They were joined by Rich and Vicki McGlynn, Evan Bush, and Bob Briggs.

Southwell also represented the Class at the Memorial Service in the Chapel following the luncheon. 1960, alas, had during calendar year 2018 a larger number of deaths than any Class after 1956, a total of 26 (one of whom was from 2017). Here is a list of those memorialized:
John Hurst Ball, February 4, 2018
Richard Dahinden Banz Jr., March 20, 2018
Stephen Wright Barber, May 11, 2018
John Paul Biro, January 15, 2018
Joel Sharp Black, August 27, 2018
Lawrence Thurston Buchmiller, May 8, 2018
Richard Alexander Carrick, August 12, 2018
Lester Leroy Cooper Jr., December l6, 2018
Belden Andrus Frease, January 16, 20l7
William Garrick Friend, April 7, 2018
John Battista Gargalli II, June 7, 2018
Mark Lawrence Holmes, August 17, 2018
Charles Ronald Hummel, September 8, 2018
Philip Kirk Jensen, March 26, 2018
Michael James Keyser, October 2, 2018
Allan Joseph Lenzner, October 3, 2018
Ronald Albert Long, March 23, 2018
George Alfred Lowell, January 10, 2018
John Todd McCall Jr., February 17, 2018
David Reinhardt Nank, April 22, 2018
Frank Michael Pagenkopf, February 12, 2018
David Gordon Rahr, March 9, 2018
Neal Henry Petersen, August 25, 2018
Edward Roberts, February 10, 2018
Alan Demuth Romberg, March 27, 2018
William M. Street, July 25, 2018
24 February 2019

The current (6 February 2019) issue of Princeton Alumni Weekly contains a letter from Harry Lord about the Sachs Scholarship. Later in the same issue is PAW's report on this year's Scholars, and on the same page is a story about Dan-el Padilla Peralta '06, a Scholar from 13 years ago.
5 February 2019

The 2019 Sachs Scholars have been announced; they are Tylor-Maria Johnson and Emily Geyman, along with Molly Daunt who will be coming to Princeton from Worcester College, Oxford. The University's announcement is  here . Here is biographical information provided by the Sachs Scholarship Comittee:

[Tylor-Maria Johnson]Tylor-Maria Johnson, of Brooklyn, New York, is a senior in the Sociology Department and is completing certificates in African American Studies and American Studies. At Oxford, Tylor-Maria will read for the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and a MSc in Evidence Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation in preparation for a future in law and community advocacy. Her desire to pursue a career in this field has been shaped by transformative internships at the Harlem Community Justice Center, the European Roma Rights Centre, and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights -- the last of these as a 2018 Scholar in the Nation’s Service (SINSI). On campus, Tylor-Maria has established herself as a community builder, not only as president of the Black Student Union and president of the Princeton University Gospel Ensemble but as a Residential College Adviser at Whitman College. A proud alumna of the Freshman Scholars Institute, Tylor-Maria is an active participant and leader in the Scholars Institute Fellows Program, which supports first-generation and/or low-income (FLI) students.

[Emily Geyman]Emily Geyman ’19, of Seattle, Washington, is a senior in the Geosciences Department and will use her Global Scholarship to pursue a year-long study in glaciology and permafrost research in Arctic Norway to better understand the role of ice in climate change. She plans to pursue an academic career in Earth Science with a commitment to improve communication to the public concerning climate conditions. A champion of the integrated sciences curriculum and a teaching assistant for three undergraduate courses in the Geosciences Department, Emily has served the Princeton community as a peer mentor and an engaged citizen of the sciences. Her academic accolades include the Benjamin F. Howell Class of 1913 Junior Prize and the Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence. Outside the lab, Emily can be found leading Outdoor Action trips, working at the Climbing Wall as an instructor, and running in preparation for an ultra-marathon.

[Molly Daunt]Molly Daunt, of London, England, is in her final year at Worcester College, Oxford, where she is reading for a B.A. in Classics. At Princeton, Molly intends to study Classics as a Visiting Student in the Graduate School, with a particular interest in the Program in the Ancient World. Molly comes with significant experience on archeological digs in Turkey and Sicily, where she was involved in the discovery of a Temple of Apollo. She has worked in the Ashmolean Museum as a Krasis Scholar and hopes to pursue a career in the curation and direction of museums. In her free time, Molly has served in crisis centers in Nairobi and Durban and has trekked solo through parts of Africa and the Middle East. She also plays on the Oxford University Tennis Team and is Captain of the Worcester Tennis Team.
3 December 2018

Tex Harris’s planned 1960 80th Birthdays Party is reported to have been a great success. Pictures are  here .

9 November 2018

A small group of classmates got together (l to r: Chang, Robinson, Taylor, Barks, Hillegass), along with their wives (l to r: Barks, Robinson, Taylor, Chang, Hillegass), at Paul Taylor's after the Harvard game. Thanks to Lew Robinson and Tex Harris for the pictures.
27 October 2018

Vince Lee announces the publication of his seventh book, OLD SCHOOL: A Mountain Guide’s Life Before the Net, the story of his life as a mountain guide before the internet took over our lives. Information, and an order form, can be found  here .
6 September 2018

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

William Wyatt Dudley, November 2017
John B. Gargalli, II, 7 June 2018
William M. Street, 26 July 2018
Richard A. Carrick, 12 August 2018
Mark L. Holmes, 17 August 2018
Neal H. Petersen, 25 August 2018
Joel S. Black, 27 August 2018
t Charles Ronald Hummel, 8 September 2018
Michael J. Keyser, 2 October 2018
Allan J. Lenzner, 3 October 2018
Lester "Terry" Leroy Cooper Jr., 16 December 2018
Alfred R. Glancy III, 10 January 2019
A. Frederick Gerstell, 23 February 2019
John Terence Ogden, 19 March 2019
Thomas R.B. Campbell, 25 March 2019
James Andrew Aull IV, 8 June 2019


2017-18 Annual Giving results are in, and the Class has done very well. We had 339 donors from a Class roll of 516, or 65.7% participation, and raised a total of $208,232. While that total is slightly behind 1959's, it is better than 1961's, and our participation rate is ahead of either of theirs. Special thanks to David Dodge and Rich McGlynn, Annual Giving co-chairs, and the section chairs for these outstanding results!
18 July 2018

A report on Reunions 2018 is  here .
4 June 2018

A group of DC area alumni got together for lunch in May, at the instigation of Tex Harris. Back - Dick Kahane, Stan Dees, Harris, Grant Smith, Nat White, Carl Middleton, Gordy Silcox; Front - Bob Tellander, Art Elgin, Joel Davidow. Tex reports: “Tall Tales of great events were told and recorded for the class oral archives. Next fall, a 1960 Birthday Party for all Classmates to celebrate those who were born 80 years ago. Present swap and a $80 budget per person. Big times ahead.”
30 May 2018

We have been once again, thanks in large part to Treasurer Bob Seabring’s efforts, quite successful at collecting Class dues. In the 1951-1967 (senior) group of Classes, we were in the top five in both numbers and percentages of participants. For our efforts, the University awarded us a prize of $200 (well, okay, it was part of the Dues Incentive Program, and they gave it to everybody, and they called it a reimbursement for expenses, but still....).
4 May 2018

Alumni Day 2018 once again proved to be a highly successful event. Read more  here .
25 February 2018

Andy Prindl makes an appearance on the Wild & Crazy page  here .
17 December 2017

The 2018 Sachs Scholars have been announced, and they are (hardly a surprise) as staggeringly accomplished as their predecessors. Hans Hanley ’18, an Electrical Engineering major, will be confronting the challenges of cybersecurity at Worcester College, Oxford. Jenny Silver ’18, a Religion major with a foot in Anthropology, will address the daunting issues facing migrant women in Southeast Asia as a Global Scholar. And, continuing the tradition begun last year, Samuel Barnett, a mathematician and philosopher from Worcester College, will be working at Princeton to ensure the future safety of Artificial Intelligence. Congratulations to all three! More information is  here .
7 December 2017

A brief report on the Berkshires mini-reunion, organized by Jean and Georgeanne Rousseau, is  here .
13 October 2017

Some reorganization of the website has made using the website on a mobile device much easier. It is also easier to find pictures from recent events; click  here  or on the EVENT PHOTOS menu option.
8 October 2017

President Mike Southell's annual letter, available  here , recapitulates events of the past year. Well, okay, it also asks you to submit your Class Dues.

Accompanying the letter is a letter and a brief questionnaire from Evan Bush and Roger Barth, co-chairs of our 60th reunion in 2020, asking for your ideas on several issues connected to that reunion. You may fill that survey out on the Class’s website,  here .
2 September 2017

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Belden A. Frease, 15 January 2017
Jared H. Meyer, 2 June 2017
John H. Grummon, 12 September 2017
James G. Hirsch, 28 August 2017
Peter J. Reilly, 2 November 2017
Ronald L. Katsky, 20 November 2017
George A. Lowell, 10 January 2018
John P. Biro, 15 January 2018
John H. Ball, 4 February 2018
Edward Roberts, 10 February 2018
Frank M. Pagenkopf, 12 February 2018
John T. McCall, Jr., 17 February 2018
Philip K. Jensen, 26 March 2018
William G. Ball, 7 April 2018
David G. Rahr, 9 March 2018
Richard D. Banz, 18 March 2018
Ronald A. Long, 23 March 2018
Alan D. Romberg, 27 March 2018
David R. Nank, 22 April 2018
Lawrence T. Buchmiller, 8 May 2018
Steven W. Barber, 11 May 2018
John B. Gargalli, II, 7 June 2018
William M. Street, 26 July 2018
Richard A. Carrick, 12 August 2018


The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training has published in its Moments in U.S. Diplomatic History a long article about Marjorie and David Ransom's diplomatic career in Yemen, available  here . Special thanks to Tex Harris for publicizing this.
30 June 2017

A report on Reunions 2017, with (a few) pictures, is  here .
5 June 2017

George Reiger, Paul Rochmis, Tex Harris sharing mussels and war stories on VA Shore to get summer season off to a good start (although one must wonder whether hearing, speaking, and seeing no evil is really a good start).
31 May 2017

At the request of Ray Kidani, the Class website now contains a list (as up-to-date as we can possibly make it) of deceased members of the Class, which can be reached by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of each page.
11 May 2017

A group of DC area alumni got together for lunch in April, at the instigation of Tex Harris. From left: Rob Warne, Jim Matlack, Nat White, John Marshall, Paul Rochmis, Tex Harris, Alan Romberg, Dick Kahane, Stan Dees, Art Elgin.
2 May 2017

Alumni Day 2017 featured a luncheon with a modest turnout of classmates, McGlynn, Santy, Seabring, and Southwell, along with Lucia Santy and Ellen Seabring. Present as our guests were this year's two astonishingly accomplished Sachs Scholars, Shannon Osaka (left) and Becca Kerner (see more about them just below). The program featured others (seniors, graduate students, and alumni) with similar accomplishments, and produced feelings among us of awe and gratitude at being associated with a University like Princeton.

The luncheon was followed by the annual Service of Remembrance in the Chapel. Southwell represented the Class. The service memorialized those Class members whose deaths have become known over the past year:
Robert Amsterdam Burt, August 3, 2015
Paul Everett Danielson Jr., March 1, 2016
Edward John Flynn Jr., October 7, 2016
Lee Mervin Fuller Jr., January 4, 2016
Walter Richard Hoesel, April 20, 2016
James Vinton Lawrence, April 9, 2016
George Jay Lichtblau, August 3, 2016
Jed Alard Maffenbeier, August 23, 2014
Andrew Jackson Donelson Morrow, October 27, 2016
Meredith Vance Munro, July 5, 2016
Bruce Leighton Sprague, June 20, 2015
Cornelius Morrison Ulman, February 27, 2016
26 February 2017

The 2016 Sachs Scholars have been announced, and the field is expanding.

Holly Muir, a 2016 graduate of Worcester College in Fine Art, will be the first ever Sachs Scholar at Princeton from Worcester College. A dual British and New Zealand national with roots in rural Scotland, Holly comes with a First Class degree and an impressive record of accomplishment as a multidisciplinary artist. In between award-winning exhibitions at museums and festivals in London, Newcastle, and Oxford, she designs sets and costumes for the Royal Opera House and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her ambition is to expand her artistic vision by studying--and making--literature. She will spend her scholarship year as a Visiting Student in the Graduate School in the Department of English, and she also plans to get involved in creative writing and visual arts projects at the Lewis Center for the Arts.

[image of Becca Keener]The new Global Scholar, Becca Keener '17, of Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, has concentrated her research on the accommodation of difference in the context of ethnic and religious diversity. She has been a Fellow in the Program on Religion, Diplomacy and International Relations, and she has taken her work out into the field in Israel, Jordan, and the United Kingdom. As Co-President of Princeton Against Sex Trafficking, she has pursued a partnership with Yazda, a Yazdi organization, to advocate on behalf of enslaved women in Iraq. In her senior thesis, she is tackling the issue of religious freedom in Syria. London seems to be just the right place for her to continue her work on challenges facing migrants and minorities, and at the London School of Economics she will pursue an MSc in Global Europe: Culture and Conflict.

[image of Shannon Osaka]Shannon Osaka '17 has dedicated her work to the proposition that climate change poses both a scientific and a social challenge for humanity. At Princeton she has accumulated academic awards and dauntingly high marks in both the natural sciences and the social sciences. At Oxford, she plans to pursue an MPhil in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance. When she's not working to save the planet, she writes poetry, for which she has also received awards. On campus, she is the leader of both the Princeton Sustainable Investments Initiative and the Calendar Reform Project, for which she may some day count on the gratitude of future Princeton students, who will no longer have to return from winter holiday to take their final exams.

Read the article in The Daily Princetonian  here .
12 December 2016. Special thanks to Matthew Stewart '85, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, for his help with this information.

[image from Vince Lee's website ] Vince Lee has updated his website, available  here , to make available his publications reflecting 30 years of work on exploring Incan and megalithic architecture.
25 November 2016

[image of John Chang] Andrew Chang '87 and Lauren Chang '94 have established the John Chang '60 *67 Award, designed to celebrate John's life and undergraduate track career, and to honor the current varsity track athlete "who has contributed most to his or her teammates through enthusiasm, generosity, sacrifice, consideration and dedication to the team." The first year's awards went to Luke Brahm '16 and Elisa Steele '17. A nice write-up with general information about John and his track career can be found  here . The Class has already made a donation, and Andrew and Lauren would be pleased to accept any donations individual members of the Class might care to make to the Award. This can be done by sending a check made out to "Trustees of Princeton University" with "John H. Chang '60 *67 Fund" in the notes line, to this address:
Jeanie Kim
Senior Associate Director, Leadership Gifts
Princeton University
330 Alexander Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
6 November 2016. Special thanks to Gordon Batcheller for his help in getting this effort organized.

Miserable, cold, and rainy weather severely affected turnout for events associated with the Harvard game, including our traditional post-game cocktail party at Terrace Club. As a result, there is no report.
25 October 2016

President Mike Southell's annual letter, available  here , recapitulates events of the past year. Well, okay, it also asks you to submit your Class Dues.
1 September 2016

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Walter R. Hoesel, 20 April 2016
M. Vance Munro, 5 July 2016
George J. Lichtblau, 3 August 2016
Edward J. Flynn, Jr., 7 October 2016
A.J. Donelson Morrow, 27 October 2016
Franklin H. Fry, 19 January 2017
Eric H. Henderson, 4 February 2017
William A. McMillan, 18 February 2017
L. Charles Long, Jr., 19 March 2017
Robert G. Houghtlin, Jr., 20 March 2017
Richard F. Baruch, 30 March 2017
Robert L. Major, 10 April 2017
George W. Beeler, Jr., 7 May 2017
Joseph W. Gillespie, 10 May 2017
Jared H. Meyer, 2 June 2017


Evan Bush's innovation of a pre-P-rade luncheon on Reunions weekend has noticeably improved attendance at our off-year reunions. At the luncheon this year were Bromley, Detjens, Forcione, Harris, Jackson, Keller, McGlynn, Santy, Southwell, and Villency, some with spouses and/or friends. The luncheon featured spirited and moving discussions of both how we had happened to attend Princeton, and what at Princeton had had a particular effect on our lives.

The P-rade itself took place under swelteringly hot but still enjoyable and stimulating conditions, with most of the luncheon attendees, joined by others whose names have gotten misplaced. Signing in but never seen were Ev Bond, Hillegass, Howson, and Weiss. Credit for the first picture above is due to Tex Harris. The second is from PAW's slideshow, available  here .
1 June 2016

The University reports that we have done very well this year on Dues for what they (appropriately?) call Senior classes. 318 out of 557 active Class members, or 57.1%, have paid. This gives us the highest rate, by a noticeable margin, of any Class between 1955 and 1965. Congratulations to Treasurer Bob Seabring for his hard work in this respect (and others).
5 May 2016

The Class of 2000 has been announced as the winner of the 2015 Quenby Williamson Best Reunions Costume award. Underneath the round medallion is "Game of 00s" which appears to be some sort of play on "Game of Thrones."
20 April 2016

A small but enthusiastic group of Classmates attended the Awards Luncheon on Alumni Day on 20 February, where they had a chance to meet one of our two current Sachs scholars, Sarah Cen, and to hear about other astonishingly accomplished undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. Attending were Forcione, Southwell, Pearce, and Santy, some with spouses or friends.

Memorialized at the Service of Remembrance in the Chapel after the luncheon were the following members of the Class whose deaths were recorded in 2015:
Robert Bruce Badeer, December 17, 2015
Stephen Joseph Bednar, April 29, 2015
David Poston Carlin, January 11, 2015
Drew St. John Carneal, September 25, 2015
Charles Coulston Gillispie, October 6, 2015 (honorary)
Bruce Brockway Higgins, November 26, 2015
Robert James King, January 8, 2015
David Joseph Molloy, December 26, 2015
Joseph Charles Regruth, July 24, 2014
George Black Stericker Jr., March 10, 2015
Clifford Kinlock Thompson Jr., November 21, 2014
David Alan Willard, December 12, 2015
21 February 2016

Co-winners of the 2016 Daniel M. Sachs Class of 1960 Scholarship have been announced: Sarah Cen (left) and Ogemdi Ude (right) continue the Scholars’ tradition of staggering accomplishment. Details are  here  and  here .
19 December 2015

The psychic pain created by a disappointing game against Yale was eased somewhat by our annual post-game Class Cocktail Party in the library at Terrace Club. Attending were Beaver, Bush, Conway, Detjens, Hillegass, Joan Sachs Shaw, and Southwell. Reported to have been around, but not seen here, were Gargalli, Howson, Max, Santy, and probably a few others. Those who did not attend missed a wonderful variety of food, including spiced tofu, skate, chicken wings, salsa and guacamole, and sandwiches and wraps, along with lots of beer and wine, and good companionship. Photography credits: Vicki Beaver, Phyllis Conway, and Peggie Hillegass. Mack Emmert was there also but doesn’t get any credit for photography.
15 November 2015

One of the driving forces behind the Daniel M. Sachs Class of 1960 Scholarship was Prof. Charles Gillispie ’h60, who died on 6 October. Gillispie was Dan’s undergraduate mentor and served the Scholarship for over 50 years, in part by interviewing candidates. The University flew its flags at half staff in honor of Gillispie, and its news story about his death is  here . That story includes a link to  the Sachs Scholarship donation page  on our Class website, which we encourage you to use at this time in Gillispie’s honor.
9 October 2015

President Mike Southwell’s August letter to the Class includes a request for prompt payment of Class dues by those who have not paid them already. The letter is available  here .
7 September 2015

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Joseph C. Regruth, 24 July 2014
Jed A. Maffenbeier, 23 August 2014
Robert A. (Bo) Burt, 3 August 2015
Drew St. John Carneal, 25 September 2015
Prof. Charles Gillispie 'h60, 6 October 2015
Bruce B. Higgins, 26 November 2015
Robert B. Badeer, 7 December 2015
David Alan Willard, 12 December 2015
David J. Mulloy, 26 December 2015
Lee M. Fuller, Jr., 4 January 2016
Cornelius M. Ullman, 27 February 2016
Paul E. Danielson, Jr., 1 March 2016
James Vinton Lawrence, 9 April 2016


Outgoing Class President Philip Detjens has prepared a record of some of the Class’s accomplishments during his term of office, 2010-15, which is available  here .
7 July 2015

Rich McGlynn reports on Annual Giving as follows:

We did it! Final results show that we've exceeded 70% participation and raised close to $910K from our Class to support Princeton. Still more stragglers will come in, but the current numbers are a truly superb accomplishment. We're over 70% for the first time in four years, and let's hope we can maintain this pace as we move on toward our 60th. We are among those few Princeton Classes who have reached this mark.

Special thanks to Rich and Dave Dodge and the Regional Chairs for their outstanding work.
2 July 2015

Class directory By now, all members of the Class will have received the 1960 Directory, a project of our 55th Reunion, put together by Class President Philip Detjens.
3 May 2015

A not-very-large group of Classmates attended our nearly-annual Class Luncheon with 1961 at the Princeton Club in New York City on Thursday 19 March 2015, and was entertained by speakers Dave Lank and Rich McGlynn. Sorry, no pictures.
23 April 2015

Dave Dodge and Rich McGlynn provide an update on our 55th Reunion Annual Giving Campaign in their letter of March 2015, available  here .
23 March 2015

A modest-sized group of Classmates enjoyed the 100th anniversay of Alumni Day on 21 February 2015. A brief report with pictures is  here .
22 February 2015

Doug Hopper expands  his earlier report  on meeting President Eisenhower with more details, including a copy of Ike’s thank-you note to him,  here .
9 February 2015

The newest class of Sachs scholars has been announced. William (Billy) Beacom ’15 (left) is a Woodrow Wilson School concentrator who plans to take his Global Scholarship on a ride through five countries of central Asia in search of answers about the influence of China on authoritarian regimes. Brett Diehl ’15 (right), a history concentrator whose research at the intersection of poverty and criminal justice has already taken him to rural Peru, Brazil, Cuba, and on the trail of Che Guevara in South America, will study economic and social history and criminal justice at Worcester College. The University’s Press Release is  here , and the Prince article is  here .
12 December 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of the University’s Class Exchange features an article on page 5 on our mini-reunion in Philadelphia, suggesting that it was a model for other classes to emulate, due in part to the excellent organizational work of Terry Mecray, Jim Bromley, and Kurt Medina. The article is available  here .

A group of classmates attended the Alumni Association’s Tailgates and our traditional Cocktail Party before and after the Harvard game. A brief report, with pictures, is  here .
26 October 2014

The Class’s mini-reunion in Philadelphia, on 26 - 28 September 2014, with an emphasis on historic Colonial Philadelphia, was a tremendous success. A recap, with pictures, is  here .
1 October 2014

President Philip Detjens, inspired by who knows what, has created a second edition of his world-famous Trivia Quiz which, like the first, will surely test the knowledge of all of us about Princeton. Take the quiz  here .

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Harvey Clyde Melick, Jr., 19 December 1990
Garrett B. Richman, 21 February 2011
William James Chalmers Merrill, 6 March 2011
Richard J. Levine, 14 April 2011
G. Kirk Strong, 27 September 2011
Blair Butterworth, 29 March 2013
Allan L. Griffith, 30 May 2014
Christopher Hail, 17 June 2014
Donald B. Shafto, 30 July 2014
Hal G. Kuntz, 18 August 2014
Edward O. (Ned) Robinson, 10 September 2014
John Hu Sen Chang, 16 September 2014
Victor Sidhu, 17 September 2014
Clifford K. Thompson, Jr., 21 November 2014
Robert J. King, 8 January 2015
David P. Carlin, 11 January 2015
George B. Stericker, Jr., 10 March 2015
Stephen J. Bednar, 29 April 2015

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


Paul Raeder, our Class’s liaison, reports spectacular Annual Giving results for last year, under the leadership of David Dodge and Rich McGlynn and 16 Section Chairs. With participation of 67.9% (6.5% better than the University’s rate), we gave a total of $197,218, exceeding the target of $190,000. Congratulations and thanks to all, especially David and Rich!
10 July 2014

Joe Healey, M.M., takes the occasion of World Cup 2014 to reflect on his relationship with the famous football [aka soccer] Bradleys, father Bob and son (and current US national team star) Michael. Read his report  here , and see pictures and read World Cup game reports  here .
22 June 2014

Reunions 2014 concluded with a general feeling that a great time had been had by all attendees. Details and pictures are  here .
2 June 2014

Treasurer Bob Seabring reports that the Class has a dues participation rate of 54.73% after three mailings.
6 May 2014

Doug Hopper reports on a freshman-year meeting with President Eisenhower and (believe it or not) a rototiller, and on his resulting induction into the American Legion Hall of Fame,  here .
4 May 2014

An article in the Princeton Alumni Weekly for 23 April discusses Fidel Castro’s visit to campus during the spring semester of our senior year, and mentions that Castro had been invited by Paul Taylor, who went on to become US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, and to regret his initial enthusiasm for Castro’s unfulfilled promises to bring democracy to Latin America. Read the article  here .
24 April 2014

Class President Philip Detjens reports as follows on Alumni Day, 22 February 2014:
At the Awards luncheon there was:
Ellen and Bob Seabring
Dick Limoges
Harry Lord
Philip Detjens
Jane Osgood and Ted Hilles
Peter Williamson
Katie Dubbs (Sach scholar)
(the other Sachs scholar, Anastasya Lloyd Damnjanovic, had a conflict and could not attend)

The Service of Remembrance, at which I represented the Class, honored the following classmates:
William Edward Bowers (May 9, 2013)
Donald Bernard Hajec (August 6, 2013)
George Peter Hutchinson (June 17, 2013)
Malcolm Kenyon Ottaway (June 5, 2013)
Ira Benjamin Silverstein (Oct. 9, 2013)
Crompton Smith Jr. (March 5, 2013)
Bruce Gilbert Soden (Feb. 10, 2013)
24 February 2014

The annual dinner of the Classes of '60 and '61, usually held in March and which was to be hosted by the Class of '61 this year, has been cancelled. The next event for the Class of '60 will be a luncheon during reunions at the Nassau Club in Princeton on Saturday, May 31 at noon, followed by the P-rade at 2pm. This date is not during a Memorial Day weekend which is on the previous weekend.
19 January 2014

Tex Harris was honored on 12 December, Human Rights Day, by the  United Nations Association  for his human rights work, fighting notably against terrorism in Argentina in the 1970s, but also against transmission of the HIV virus in South Africa, and against attempts to weaken protection for the atmosphere's imperiled ozone layer. Read the article in the 14 December issue of the Houston Chronicle  here , or as reprinted in the Texas on the Potomac blog  here . Read Tex’s notes for his acceptance remarks  here .
16 December 2013

This year’s two Sachs Scholars have been announced: Katie Dubbs ’14 (left; as the Sachs Global Scholar, to study late 19th-century lieder in Vienna), and Anastasya Lloyd-Damnjanovic ’14 (right; to study international relations at Worcester College, Oxford). The University’s Press Release is  here .
16 December 2013

The Class of 2008 has won the 2013 Quenby Williamson Reunion Award for the (second) best Reunions costume.
16 December 2013

The Alumni Association sponsored Tailgates before the Yale game on 16 November; sorry, no information about them. But the Class’s traditional Cocktail Party at Terrace Club after the game had a nice turnout, with wonderful food and drink and good comradeship. Not in attendance there but known to be around somewhere were Batcheller, Briggs, Lippincott, and McGlynn; there may have been others who escaped notice. At the party were (from left) Klineberg, Fisher, Hughes, Ippolito, Detjens, Conway, Joan Sachs Shaw, Willard, Szvetecz, Southwell, and Max, along with latecomers Beaver and Howson. Also in attendance were Bill Sachs ’66 and various spouses.
18 November 2013

Memorialized in PAW for 5 February 2014, and now quoting from the Tiger E-News for 14 October 2013: “A substantial bequest from industrialist and philanthropist William S. Dietrich II '60 will endow the University's Economic Theory Center, which has been renamed [as the William S. Dietrich II Economic Theory Center] in his honor. His gift will also support undergraduate and graduate student financial aid by establishing a fund for the William S. Dietrich II Scholars and Fellows.” Read more  here .
14 October 2013, revised 5 February 2014

President Philip Detjens, inspired perhaps by being in Los Angeles, has created a Trivia Quiz which will surely test the knowledge of all of us about Princeton. Take the quiz  here .
7 October 2013

The mini-reunion in Los Angeles on the weekend of 26-29 September 2013 was a tremendous success. Read more, and see pictures,  here .
2 October 2013

President Philip Detjens’s August letter to Class members summarized last year’s events, reported that the recently completed Sachs Scholarship capital campaign was a success, having raised over $200,000 to enhance the endowment and help insure the longevity of this Class memorial, announced some upcoming events, and solicited payment of Class Dues. Read the letter  here .
4 September 2013

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Crompton (Tommy) Smith, Jr., 5 March 2013
Malcolm K. Ottaway, 5 June 2013
Donald B. Hajec, 6 August 2013
Ira Silverstein, 9 October 2013
James A. Stansbury, Jr., 16 January 2014
William J.C. Merrill, 6 March 2014
H. Arthur Bellows, Jr., 20 March 2014
James F. Lynn, Jr., 12 March 2014
Steven Young, 20 April 2014

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


President Philip Detjens announces that the recently completed Sachs Scholarship capital campaign has raised over $200,000 to enhance the endowment and help insure the longevity of this Class memorial.
17 August 2013

Evan Bush’s excellent innovation of a pre-P-rade Class Lunch once again boosted attendance at Reunions 2013. More information and pictures are  here .
3 June 2013

Jeff Brown reports on living at the epicenter of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation  here .
5 May 2013

Attending the annual Class Dinner on 14 March were:
Bob Baylis (unable to attend at the last minute)
Evan Bush and Mack Emmert
Armand Derfner and Mary Giles
Philip Detjens
Robert Green
James Hirschy
Rich McGlynn
Skip Meislahn
Bill Sachs '66
Bob Seabring
Jack Siggins and Maureen Sullivan
Michael Southwell and Lillian Salazar
Gerald and Tamra Stoller
Rob and Suzy Warne
Peter Williamson
along with our two Sachs Scholars:
Kaitlin Stouffer '13
Stephanie Tam '13

Attendees were treated to a fascinating and timely illustrated talk by Rob Warne on “Korea--Six Decades of confrontation, division, and provocation,” and the evening ended with Rich McGlynn’s leading us all in “Old Nassau.” Sorry, no pictures.
17 March 2013

Attending the luncheon on Alumni Day, 23 February, were:
Evan Bush and Mack Emmert
Philip Detjens
Bob Green and Ginny
Rich McGlynn
Mike Southwell and Lillian Salazar
Paul Taylor and Dorcas
Dave Willard and Peg
Tom Wing
Seen elsewhere during the weekend (though not at the luncheon) was Dave Rahr. The luncheon featured, besides introductions of various prize winners, a wonderful video presentation honoring Shirley Tilghman’s presidency of the University, and thanking her for her service, with a brief appearance by our own president Philip Detjens.

Mike Southwell writes:
I was privileged to represent the Class at the post-luncheon Service of Remembrance, remembering Princetonians who died during the past and previous years. Memorialized at this year’s service were these members of our Class:
Herman Philip Brandt, II, November 3, 2012
Richard Snyder Brennan, October 10, 2012
David Clark Fuellhart, Sr., October 3, 2010
Alan Bernard Levy, October 21, 2011
Robert Donald Lewis, July 13, 2012
Stuart Thomas Lyon, March 25, 2012
Charles Joseph Weisul, Jr., August 28, 2012
24 February 2013

President Philip Detjens and Rich McGlynn have written to members of the Class soliciting contributions to The Class of 1960 Daniel M. Sachs Scholarship Endowment, our lasting legacy to our great Class and University. Read the letter  here .
23 December 2012

The Class of 1987 has won the 2012 Quenby Williamson Reunion Award for the (second) best Reunions costume. The notification letter is  here .
13 December 2012

This year’s two Sachs Scholars have been announced: Stephanie Tam ’13 (left; to study at Worcester College, Oxford) and Kaitlin Stouffer ’13 (right; as the Sachs Global Scholar, to carry out research at the K-RITH Institute in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa), both with incredible accomplishments and future plans. The University’s Press Release is  here  and the Prince article is  here . The Class’s ongoing Capital Campaign to support the Sachs Scholarship is intended to provide a secure basis for awarding two such prizes every year in the future.
6 December 2012

Class Treasurer Bob Seabring’s November letter reminds us that tax-deductible dues are now payable.  Read More 
18 November 2012

Class President Philip Detjens reports  here  on the Cuba mini-reunion which took place on 20 to 27 October. An article about the trip in PAW is  here .
4 November 2012, revised 2 December 2012, 25 and 27 February 2013

An incredibly exciting football game and a nice turnout at the Class’s traditional post-game Cocktail Part in the Library at Terrace Club were highlights of the Harvard game on 20 October.  Read More 
21 October 2012

The University has announced the Class’s Annual Giving goals for the coming year: $200,000 and 70% participation, the same as last year. We fell short of reaching our goals last year by very small margins, $193,222 and 67.7%, so this year’s goals seem very reachable. Watch for communications from our AG Chairs, David Dodge and Rich McGlynn.
10 October 2012

Jeanie and Tex Harris and Renny and Grant Smith went birdwatching in Cape May, NJ on 12 September.
15 September 2012

President Philip Detjens’s August letter to Class members summarized last year’s events, solicited payment of Class Dues (possibly by using our new PayPal facility), and announced a major fund raising effort for the Sachs Fund. Read the letter  here .
3 September 2012

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Stuart Thomas Lyon, 25 March 2012
Dr. Robert D. Lewis, 13 July 2012
Charles J. Weisul Jr., 28 August 2012
Richard S. Brennan, 10 October 2012
H. Philip Brandt II, 3 November 2012
Bruce Soden, 10 February 2013
William E. Bowers, 9 May 2013
George Peter Hutchinson, 17 June 2013

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


[P-Rade marchers] A nice turnout of classmates enjoyed beautiful weather at Reunions 2012.  More 
5 June 2012

Cuba mini-reunion information The ’60 mini reunion to Cuba filled its 30 person limit within the first day. Princeton Journeys says it is common for there to be one or two cancellations so a wait list is being made. Anyone still interested should contact them.

The Class has made arrangements with Princeton Journeys, affiliated with the University, to organize a very special eight day mini reunion in Cuba. We will be visiting Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad from October 20 to 27, 2012. The trip, exclusively for our Class, is restricted to 30 people. All details are posted  here . Note that no applications or inquiries will be accepted prior to April 25, 2012.
13 April 2012

Nearly 50 people from both classes attended our annual Class Dinner with 1961 at the Princeton Club in New York City on Tuesday, 20 March, organized by John MacMurray ’61 along with Mike Southwell from our Class. Attendees enjoyed good food and wine, great socializing, and a stimulating speech by Mike Iseman ’61 on the reasons why the global effort to control tuberculosis is not succeeding as well as might have been hoped.

Attending were:
Jeff Beaver
Philip Detjens
Lee M. Fuller, Jr.
Marty Garrell
James Hirschy and Ruth Lynford
Tony and Jon Mansell
Rich McGlynn
Bob O'Hara
Jean J. Rousseau
Bill Sachs ’66
Joan Sachs Shaw
Jack and Maureen Siggins
Mike Southwell and Lillian Salazar
Gerry and Tamra Stoller
Olivia Waring ’12 (this year’s Sachs scholar)
Peter Williamson

President Philip Detjens introduced Olivia Waring ’12, this year’s Sachs scholar, who received amazed applause for her accomplishments and future promise; congratulated 1961 for having won at last year’s Reunions the Quenby Williamson Award for the best Reunions costume (more details below); and announced the Class’s planned mini-reunion in Cuba (more details above). More details on Mike Iseman’s speech can be found  here . Sorry, there are no pictures.
21 March 2012

Final details have been set for the Class’s new award for the best Reunions costume, honoring Quenby Cullen Williamson, who designed the wonderful jacket we have been wearing since our 35th Reunion. The winning class will be memorialized on a silver plate (formerly belonging to Quenby) reading as follows:
Class of 1960
Quenby Cullen Williamson
Reunion Award
for the Class wearing the most
imaginative reunion costume

And it will carry a banner in the next year’s Reunions reading as follows:
Best Costume
Class of 1960
Quenby Williamson S60 P89 P91
Reunion Award
20 March 2012

[alumni day 2012 luncheon] Thirteen classmates and spouses participated in the Awards Luncheon at Alumni Day 2012 on Saturday, 25 February; others might have attended some of the morning lectures or other activities but have not been identified.

At the luncheon were:
Anna and Stan Dees (not in the picture)
Philip Detjens
Dick Limoges
Harry Lord (not in the picture)
Joan Sachs Shaw
Lillian Salazar and Mike Southwell
Peg and Dave Willard
Peter Williamson
Peggy and Tom Wing

[alumni day 2012 Service of Remembrance] President Philip Detjens represented the Class at the always-moving Service of Remembrance following the luncheon, and writes as follows:

I represented our Class at the Service of Remembrance which pays tribute to those in the Princeton community who have died in the past year or whose passing was learned of in the past year. ’60 classmates honored were:
Jack Cely Childers, Jr April 29, 2011
William Stephen Dietrich October 6, 2011
Raymond Morris Fox April 3, 2011
Arthur Benjamin Griffin August 27, 2010
Perry Edwards Hall II July 30, 2011
Lee Mathers Miller January 31, 2011
Todd Charles Miller October 29, 2010
Peter Hager Prugh October 10, 2011
James Russell Renick October 3, 2010
Richard Blair Stothers June 28, 2011
26 February 2012

The Sachs Scholarship Selection Committee has named Olivia M. Waring ’12, a chemistry major who is also receiving a certificate in Chinese language, as this year’s Sachs Scholar. More information, including Charles Gillispie’s 2012 update on the activities of the Sachs Scholars, is  here .
8 December 2011, updated 5 January 2012

Seen somewhere at the Yale game on 12 September, either at Jadwin beforehand, at the game itself, or at the cocktail party afterwards at Terrace Club, were (sorry, no pictures):
Roger Barth
Jeff Beaver
Evan Bush and Mack Emmert
Philip Detjens
Bob and Mariam Gibbon
Ted and Jane Hilles
Tom and Carla Latta
Rich and Vicki McGlynn
Ross and Lucia Santy
Joan Sachs Shaw
Mike Southwell
Dave and Peg Willard
Tom and Peggy Wing
And possibly there were others.
12 November 2011

The University has announced that the first winner of the Quenby Cullen Williamson S60 Award, given to the class wearing the most colorful and imaginative reunions costume, is the Class of 1961. This award was organized by Peter Williamson and Class officers as part of our 50th Reunion, and was awarded for the first time at Reunions 2011.
17 October 2011

The University’s final report on Annual Giving 2010-11 is available  here . As Nat Howe, the Class’s liaison to Annual Giving, previously reported:

Final results for 1960s 51st Reunion campaign are participation of 68.8% (413 donors) and $188,935. 68.8% is above the 60 final participation rates for 2006-07 (67.0%) and 2007-08 (68.1%). $189K is 13% above the $165,000 dollar goal, substantially above the $153,599 that was raised in the 49th (2008-09) and is the 3rd highest non major dollar result ever for 1960!
13 October 2011

President Philip Detjens’s September letter to members of the Class lists recent significant achievements, outlines plans for the rest of the year, and solicits dues payments, contributions to the Sachs fund, and news. Read it  here .
13 September 2011

Sachs Scholar Josh Grehan ’10 emailed President Philip Detjens and Harry Lord, the Class’s liaison to the Sachs Scholarship Program, on 25 July 2011, describing his first year in Oxford and expressing appreciation for the Class’s “generosity and kindness.” Read his email  here .
31 July 2011

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Rev. James R. Renick, 3 October 2010
David C. Fuellhart Sr., 3 October 2010
Jack Childers, 21 April 2011
Richard Stothers, 28 June 2011
Perry Hall, 30 July 2011
William S. Dietrich II, 6 October 2011
Peter Prugh, 10 October 2011
Alan Levy, 21 October 2011
Stuart Thomas Lyon, 25 March 2012
Dr. Robert D. Lewis, 13 July 2012

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


Sachs Scholar Josh Grehan ’10 emailed President Philip Detjens and Harry Lord, the Class’s liaison to the Sachs Scholarship Program, on 25 July 2011, describing his first year in Oxford and expressing appreciation for the Class’s “generosity and kindness.” Read his email  here .
31 July 2011

Nat Howe, the Class’s liaison to Annual Giving, provides the following final results for our efforts:

Final results for 1960s 51st Reunion campaign are participation of 68.8% (413 donors) and $188,935. 68.8% is above the 60 final participation rates for 2006-07 (67.0%) and 2007-08 (68.1%). $189K is 13% above the $165,000 dollar goal, substantially above the $153,599 that was raised in the 49th (2008-09) and is the 3rd highest non major dollar result ever for 1960!

Overall Annual Giving (for all classes) raised $50,010,045 from 61.3% of alumni. Our goals were $49 million and 61% so these are strong results and 60s campaign was an important contributor to our effort. Of particular note is that the youngest 5 classes (2006-2010) averaged 73.0% participation and the 1st reunion class (2010) had participation of 83.3%! 61.3% is the highest overall participation rate in the last 42 years. Click  here  for information on all classes (on the right click on the by class year link). If you would like more information on the overall Annual Giving campaign click  here .
14 July 2011

President Philip Detjens reports that, although final figures are not yet in, it appears that the Class has the second best ever participation rate for Annual Giving in an off year, and the same for the amount raised. Congratulations and heartiest thanks to Rich McGlynn and Dave Dodge, who were in charge of our effort.
1 July 2011

[P-Rade marchers] A modest turnout of classmates enjoyed beautiful weather at Reunions 2011.  More 
31 May 2011

Class Dinner 2011 attendees Twenty-one Class members and spouses enjoyed an evening of sociability, good food, and stimulating conversation following a speech by John B. Bellinger III ’82 at the annual 1960-1961 Class Dinner, held on 16 March 2011 at the Princeton Club. photo credit: Lillian Salazar

Attending were:
Philip Detjens
James Hirschy
Henry Lippman
David Loevner ’76 (Sachs Scholarship administrator)
Rich McGlynn
Bob O’Hara
Jean Rousseau & Georgeanne
Bill Sachs ’66 & Illiana
Bob Seabring
Ronnie Shi ’11 (the current Sachs Scholar)
Joan Sachs Shaw ’w60
Jack Siggins & Maureen Sullivan
Bruce Soden & Priscilla
Mike Southwell & Lillian Salazar
Gerry Stoller & Tamra
17 March 2011

The Class has been awarded the Ricardo A. Mestres ’31 Memorial Annual Giving Award for the 2009-10 academic year, given to the Class between the 11th and 50th reunion with the best participation in Annual Giving. We won this award with 80.6% participation. Congratulations and thanks to then-President Phil Becton, to Major Gifts Chairs Rob Wood and Gar Lasater, and to Annual Giving Chair Rich McGlynn. (We had previously won the Award at our 25th Reunion for 84.4% participation.)
8 March 2011

[attendees] Lee Fuller, July 2010, with children Scott, Lisa and Kristina and 7 grandchildren in 50th Reunion T-shirts
5 March 2011

[attendees] Only a small group of classmates and one spouse were at luncheon on 26 February, Alumni Day 2011: (from L) Southwell’s wife Lillian Salazar, Dave Willard, Mike Southwell, Philip Detjens, and Harry Lord. They enjoyed a nice meal and heard about the astonishing accomplishments of some of the University’s alumni, graduate students, and undergrads.
photo credit: Charleen Stevens W 58

[Class plaque] [Class ivy] Southwell checked out the Class ivy planted at Nassau Hall last year during our 50th Reunion; it appears to be growing slowly but valiantly, surviving the winter weather nicely.

Philip Detjens represented the Class at the Memorial Service in the University Chapel after the lunch, where the following Class members were added to the Memorial Roll:
John Kenehan Archambault, 21 October 2009
Robert Thurston Barrett, 28 October 2010
Ernest Suhr Burch, Jr.,16 September 2010
James Gray Kreder, 20 February 2010
Robert Edward Milling, III, 6 August 2010
Edward Wardwell Pell, 4 January 2010
John David Wharton, 9 November 2009

On Friday Philip and Peter Williamson met with the University to move ahead with plans for the Quenby Cullen Williamson Class of 1960 Reunion Award for the class with the “most colorful and imaginative” Reunions costume (after ours, of course), with the idea of awarding it for the first time at Reunions next May. You will hear more as these plans are completed.
28 February 2011

The Sachs Scholarship Archives now contain  the Dan Sachs pages  from our 50th Reunion Yearbook. Special thanks to Jean Rousseau for his help in obtaining this.
17 December 2010

Treasurer Bob Seabring’s  recent letter  encourages us to pay our tax-deductible Class Dues before the end of the year. Dues are $55, in a check payable to “Princeton University Class of 1960,” and sent to Bob at 18 Highland Circle, Bronxville, NY 10708. Additional donations may be made either to the Class or to the Sachs Scholarship fund.
14 December 2010

Veronica “Ronnie” Shi ’11 is this year’s Sachs Scholar.  More 
8 December 2010

[Legends 6 November 2010] Mike Ippolito passes along his photo and Mike Conway’s description of a mini-reunion of the “Legends” on the weekend of the Penn game, 5-7 November: “Standing in front of the Krongard's rehabbed fireplace at Tiger Inn, from top left, Boomah Ippolito, JoJo Sachs Shaw, Boy-Man Fisher, Hunky Szvetecz, Batch Batcheller, Parker Harrell, Bob Brumfield, Dobbah Conway, Iceman Iseman[’61], Gargles Gargalli, Cookie Krongard[’61]; front row: Amay Max, Willy Macmillan, The King Briggs & Lefty Douglas.”
9 November 2010

Nick Yost has been named the Hotchkiss School Alum of the Month for November 2010.  More 
8 November 2010

The 3 November 2010 issue of Princeton Alumni Weekly contains  an article  about the Sachs scholarship, now entering its fifth decade.
2 November 2010

We are proud to announce that the Class has won  The Class of 1945 P-rade Trophy  for “the most enterprising P-rade entry” at Reunions 2010. Special thanks to Bob Tellander, who is responsible for developing and implementing the theme.
24 October 2010

pre-game luncheon Harvard game Only a few members of the Class were seen on Harvard weekend, whether at the pre-game luncheon in Jadwin, the game itself, or the post-game cocktail party at Terrace Club (held jointly with the Class of 1959). At the luncheon: (from L) Tom and Peggy Wing, Evan Bush and Mack Emmert, Paul Raeder (long-time Annual Giving liaison to the Class) and (farther right) his partner Bob Holley, Dave and Peg Willard (behind), Lillian Salazar and Mike Southwell, Peter Williamson, Jeff Beaver, Philip Detjens. Seen somewhere but not in the photo: Dave Pearce, Joan Sachs Shaw. There were presumably many others there, but not at either the luncheon or the cocktail party. Those who were there got pleasure from a beautiful Fall day but surely less pleasure from an error-filled losing effort at the game itself.
24 October 2010

Tony Pell announces the Edward W. Pell Education Endowment at Fort Ticonderoga, New York.  More 
10 October 2010

President Philip Detjens’s September letter summarized Reunions activities and encouraged more classmates to become involved in the Class’s affairs; it also urged prompt payment of Class dues. Included also was a form for ordering additional Reunions merchandise. Another copy of that form is available  here . Return the form by 20 September 2010 to Evan Bush at 27175 Avalon Road, Georgetown, DE 19947. You can also reach Evan at  or 302-933-0944.
13 September 2010

Information about and pictures from our 50th Reunion are  here .
8 September 2010

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Art Griffin, 27 August 2010
Ernest Burch, 16 September 2010
Bob Barrett, 28 October 2010
Todd Miller, 29 October 2010
Rev. Lee Miller, 31 January 2011
Ray Fox, 3 April 2011
Richard Levine, 14 April 2011
Jack Childers, 29 April 2011

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


Lance Robinson sends in a photo of  a random weekend in the Green Bar at Cannon Club .

The Class’s new officers, elected by on Saturday night of Reunions, and listed  here , are now in place.
posted 30 June 2010

Read about an unexpected Princeton connection at World Cup 2010  here .
posted 26 June 2010

This year’s Sachs Scholar, Josh Grehan ’10, has gained even more honors. Details are  here .
posted 11 June

The Class’s 50th Reunion has come to a highly successful close. There are already many features on the  Reunions pages  with more to come. Some highlights:
Upload your own photos, and see photos by others
View an interview with classmates by the Prince
and more!
posted 30 May, updated 7 June 2010

Annual Giving update from Rich McGlynn: We are now at 58% participation and the total given so far is $2.9M. Remember that our Challenge Fund (see details below) can allow you to multiply your gift, so please consider giving if you haven't already, or giving additionally if you have!
posted 13 May 2010

[1932 plaque] President Phil Becton proudly announces:
The Class has been awarded the 1932 Plaque for the 2008-2009 fiscal year. This is awarded to the class with the highest percentage of dues payers more than 25 but less than 50 years out of Princeton. Atta Boys and Locomotives to Class Treasurer Extraordinaire John Cartier!
posted 28 April 2010

Dee Rinker has written to all Class Associates, encouraging them to attend Reunions if they have not already decided to do so. Read her letter here.
posted 19 April 2010

Here is an Annual Giving update from President Phil Becton: Our goals are 85% participation with a total of $4.5 million. So far 296 classmates (or 49%) have given or pledged a total of $2.65 million, which beats our previous giving total. Now a $500,000 Class of 1960 Challenge Fund has been established which will match on a dollar for dollar basis all additional and new gifts which are above your previous best. If for example your previous best donation was $100 and you give $1,000, the Challenge Fund will match your increase of $900 and the University will receive a total of $1,900! You will receive shortly a letter providing additional details on exactly how to participate in this program.
posted 8 April 2010

[student crew chiefs]
At a planning meeting on 26 March, the Reunions Committee met members of the student crew, (from L) Nellie Morris, registration manager, Cam Ritchie, crew chief, and Marc Hagel, bar manager.
posted 26 March 2010

Firestone Library will be presenting a special exhibition on the works of Clark Gesner in the 18th Century Room during Reunions, May 24-June 3, 2010. The exhibition features ephemera, photographs, scores, and recordings from Clark’s incredibly successful musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, and from Triangle Club productions during his undergraduate years.
posted 4 March 2010

Approximately 21 classmates and partners/others attended the Class Dinner on 1 March, and were treated to a fascinating lecture by Preston Haskell, naming some globally recognized best practices where the United States has a way to go to catch up to some portions of the rest of the world.
posted 4 March 2010

We apologize for the recent website downtime. A vendor at our hosting provider accidentally set off a fire suppression system which destroyed a number of servers, including ours, and it took a few days to re-create the website.
posted 28 February 2010

Alumni Day 2010 (from left) Wing, Lord, Bush, Willard, Hilles
photo credit: Ted Hilles

This year's Alumni Day on February 20 was supplemented for the first time by Princeton's Office of Stewardship honoring all ten of the Classes of the 1960's at a luncheon the previous day to celebrate all the scholarships associated with those ten Classes and included a number of the undergraduates who are the recipients of the financial assistance these scholarships provide. Representing 1960 was David Rahr, Harry Lord, Philip Detjens, Dave Willard and Joan Sachs Shaw [and Tom Wing and Ted Hilles]. Josh Grehan, this year's Sachs Scholar, was one of the four students who spoke. The Scholarships associated with 1960 are:
The Alfred R. Glancy lll '60 Scholarship
The Haskell Scholarship
The Murray Family Scholarship
The Danial M. Sachs Class of 1960 Graduating Scholarship
The Wertheimer Family Endowed Scholarship

I was the Class Representative at the Service of Remembrance held on Alumni Day on February 20. Members of the Class of 1960 added to the Memorial Roll were:
David Ernest Daum November 1, 2008*
Peter Mark Deluca January 1,1991*
Gerald Scott Hammond July 30, 2009
Clifton Harlan Wells Maloney September 25, 2009
Nicholas Andrew Rey January 14, 2009
by Philip Detjens, 22 February 2010

As of today, the following Classmates and companions have signed up for the Class Dinner:
Robert Baylis
Philip and Betsy Becton
Will and Amber Becton
Evan Bush
John Calk
Bill Cobbs
Philip and Susan Detjens
Lee Fuller
Perry Hall
Preston and Joan Haskell
Jim Hirschy
Mike Southwell and Lillian Salazar
Bob and Rowann Villency
Bart Voorsanger
Peter Williamson
(updated 22 February 2010)

The University's Printing Dept. is experiencing delays in the printing and mailing of the invitation to the annual dinner of the Classes of 1960 and 1961. This event is to be held on March 1, 2010 at the Racquet and Tennis Club, 370 Park Avenue, (between 52nd and 53rd Streets) in New York City. Speaker is Preston H. Haskell lll '60 who is the Founder and Chairman of the Haskell Company and a former Trustee of Princeton University. He will talk on Global Best Practices and the United States. Cost is $115 per person which includes open bar, hors d'oeuvres, dinner with wine. Deadline for payment is February 26, 2010 with no refunds after that date. Members of 1960 are asked to please send your check (made out to Princeton Class of 1960) and the names of all attendees to:
Philip S. Detjens '60
1458 Barnum Street
Sheffield, MA. 01257
If necessary contact Philip by e-mail or phone 413-229-2372.
posted 11 February 2010

The 1960 and 1961 Annual Class Dinner will be on Monday, March 1, 2010 with drinks at 6pm and Dinner at 7pm at the Racquet and Tennis Club, 370 Park Avenue (Bet. 52nd and 53rd Street) in New York City. Cost is $115 per person with Open Bar, Hors d'oeuvres, Dinner with wine.

Speaker will be Preston H. Haskell III ’60 who is the Founder and Chairman of the Haskell Company and a former Trustee of Princeton University. His speech is entitled “Global Best Practices and the United States.” Background on Preston’s career is  here .

Start planning now to attend Alumni Day on Saturday, 20 February 2010. Information from the University is  here .

John Cartier writes with an update on Class Dues which is  here .

Josh Grehan ’10 has been named as this year’s Sachs Scholar. The announcement in The Daily Princetonian is  here . The University’s press release is  here .

The collected Clark Gesner papers have been donated to the Princeton University Library. A donation from the Class helped to support cataloging, and the entire collection is now available to the public. Information is  here . We expect to have a small exhibition at Reunions.

Ed Smith makes an appearance on the  Wild and Crazy  page.

There is updated information on Clif Maloney's climb of Cho Oyu on the  Wild and Crazy page .

John Cartier writes with a  second appeal for Class dues .

The threat of bad weather, and who knows what else, consipired to drive down attendance at the Yale game on 14 November, preceded by a “tailgate lunch” in Jadwin Gym (left picture) and followed by the Class Cocktail Party in the Terrace Club Library (right picture). Seen somewhere were Evan Bush and Mack Emmert, Beth and Rick Carrick, Nancy and Bill Deiss, Philip Detjens, Vicky and Rich McGlynn, Bill McMillan, Joan Sachs Shaw, Mike Southwell, Peg and Dave Willard (fresh off the plane returning from Scotland), and Peggy and Tom Wing. Those who did attend got to see a very exciting (if not exactly errorless) victory by Princeton. photo credits: Diane Davidson ’s61, Beth Carrick
A special prize is being offered by Rick Carrick to the first person to identify what is wrong with the picture on the left above. Contact Rick to collect.

Nearly 20 years’ service as Chair of the Grad Board of Terrace Club by Dave Willard were commemorated upon his retirement with the dedication on 31 October 2009 of a formal portrait of him and the renaming of the upper living room as the “David A. Willard Room.” David remains as Chairman Emeritus.

Tex Harris reports: The Mid Atlantic Members of the Class of 1960 are planning to join together at Anna and Stanley Dees lovely farm “Crednal” starting at noon on Saturday, October 17 in Middleburg, VA for a catered country luncheon with added veggies. We will share the costs. Please email and

A moving Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Clif Maloney, concluding with the singing of “Old Nassau,” was held on 9 October 2009 in New York City. The Class was represented by Bush, Cartier, Detjens, Fuller, Rousseau, Joan Sachs Shaw, Southwell, and Williamson, some in Reunion jackets. The University was represented by both Paul Raeder ’h62, longtime Alumni Relations liaison, who had worked closely with Clif over many years, and his successor Nat Howe.

John Cartier, Class Treasurer, writes as follows about the Class’s dues collection:

The opening results for our first dues mailing this Fall has been very successful. We have received over 125 responses, including Class gifts and contributions to the Sachs Scholarship Fund. I am hoping that in this, our 50th year, we can do extremely well in terms of participation. My hope is to exceed the ber which would set a new record for participation and give us a strong balance for the Class treasury. An early response from everyone is very helpful.

Efforts for the 50th Reunion are underway and I encourage everyone to return your Registration forms as soon as possible. If anyone has any comments or questions about the Dues Appeal, please do not hesitate to call me at (212) 472-8177 or via email at The sooner you respond, the less expenses we will have to incur for additional mailings. Many, many thanks to all those who have already participated and to all those who will participate soon.

Virginia Maloney ’10 writes as follows:

My father, Clif Maloney, passed away last night [26 September 2009] at Base Camp 3 on Cho Oyu in his sleep. [His guide] Marty notified me this morning. Marty is safe and coming down the mountain... My dad's last words before going to sleep were “I’m the happiest man in the world. I’ve just summited a beautiful mountain.” We know that he died doing what he most enjoyed.

UPDATE At approximately 930am local time on 24 September, after a nine-hour climb in extreme cold, Clif summited Cho Oyu, the oldest [by four years] American ever to do so.

Clif Maloney is climbing again. As of this writing, he is camped at 22,000 feet on Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world (8201 m/26906 ft high), on the border between Nepal and China. He is aiming at summiting on Wednesday 23 September. A complete recap will appear on the Wild and Crazy page when he is back.

[Citadel] We know that at least two classmates were at the Citadel game on 19 September 2009: (from left) Mike Hanford ’68, Beaver, Willard.

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found here.

Bob Milling, 7 August 2010
James Kreder, 20 February 2010
Ed Pell, 4 January 2010
John Wharton, 9 November 2009
John K. Archambault, 21 October 2009
Clif Maloney, 26 September 2009
Gerald Hammond, 30 July 2009
David Daum, 1 November 2008
William Lytle Heiberg, 15 October 2002
William Bailey Hogan, 22 August 1965

Information about locating Class Memorials is here. Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


Information about and pictures from Reunions 2009 are  here .

President Shirley Tilghman spoke highly of this year’s Sachs Scholar, Alex Barnard ’09, during her interview on The Charlie Rose Show, which may be seen  here .

Alan Strassman reports the founding of , whose name pretty much describes it.

A report on Alumni Day 2009 is  here .

The 2009 Annual Sachs Scholar Newsletter, written by Professor Charles Gillispie, is  here .

The 1960 and 1961 Annual Class Dinner was held at the Racquet and Tennis Club, 370 Park Avenue (corner of 53rd Street) on Monday, 2 March 2009 at 6pm starting with drinks and then dinner. Our speaker was Carter F. Bales ’60, a Co-founder and Managing Partner Emeritus of the Wickes Group of Companies L.L.C.. Prior to that he was a Director of McKinsey and Co. and a Member of their Board of Directors. He is a Governor Emeritus and Trustee of The Nature Conservancy. His talk was entitled “On the Nature of Nature—And How to Save it from Man.” This speech related to his Nature Conservancy experiences.
Complications due to snowy weather cut back actual attendance. Those who actually showed up were:
Phil Becton
Carter, Suzy and Cathryn Bales
Philip Detjens
Jeff Beaver
Pat Durkin
Lee Fuller
Ted and Jane Hilles
Clif Maloney
Tony and Jon Mansell
Rich McGlynn
Bill and Maria Spears
Bob and Rowann Villency
Peter Williamson
From the Class of 1961:
George Brakeley
Jim Cole
Patrick and Diane Davidson
Fred and Mary Hitz
Mike Horn
Joe and Ev Prather
Tom and Eileen Pulling
Frank Richardson and Kimba Wood
Barry Scheafer
Alex Barnard ’09 (this year's Sachs Scholar)
David Loevner ’76 (coordinator for the Sachs Scholarship)
Bill Sachs ’66

There were no pictures taken.

President Phil Becton announces a decision to suspend solicitations to enhance the endowment of the Sachs Scholarship.  More 

The 2009 Sachs Scholarship has been awarded to Alexander Barnard ’09, who intends to study at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Worcester College, Oxford.  Read the University’s Announcement 

David O’Neal, the class’s unofficial Poet Laureate (so far there are no contenders for the title), reflects on playing rugby as an undergraduate.  Read the Poem .

Tex Harris writes as follows to solicit participation in a stag class get together and informal banquet in Arlington, VA on 5 December: “Greatly appreciate email or phone numbers for our 1960 classmates in the DC, VA and MD area to invite to a class get together and informal banquet. Terry Cooper and I are organizing this stag class event for Friday, December 5th at High Noon at the Nam Viet Restaurant 1127 N. Hudson St. in the Ballston area of Arlington, VA. The more the merrier. Very relaxed time for tall tales and prep for our 50th.” Tex can be reached by email at

Clif Maloney writes to encourage support of Annual Giving.  More 

John Cartier writes to request that those Classmates who have not yet submitted their Class dues do so.  More 

A small but hardy band of classmates braved (inaccurate) predictions of extremely stormy weather to attend the Harvard game on 25 October 2008.  More 

Mike Conway reports on a South Carolina Mini-reunion at the Citadel game on 20 September 2008.  More 

The Class of '60 mini reunion, organized by Sam McKinstry and Frank Montgomery, took place in Seattle on September 4-7.  More 

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we are aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found here.

Peter Deluca, 1 January 1991
Nicholas A. Rey, 14 January 2009
Stuart McCloy, 15 December 2008
Malcolm E. (Mal) Meistrell, Jr., 14 October 2008
William Cohen, 4 August 2008
David W. Jones, 8 November 2007
Jehu S. (Hugh) Merry, 9 January 2003

Information about locating Class Memorials is here. Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


The Class of '60 mini reunion in Seattle September 4-7, organized by Sam McKinstry and Frank Montgomery, is quickly approaching. Don't miss the opportunity to visit a magnificant part of the country and enjoy a great weekend of events with your classmates.  More , including a list of the classmates already registered.

Iliana and Bill Sachs hosted a brunch for Sachs Scholars on the Sunday following Reunions.  Pictures 

Our class enjoyed a relatively huge turnout at our 48th Reunion, due probably or possibly to Evan Bush's soliciting participation in an early meeting of the 50th Reunion Planning Committee, followed by a Class Lunch at the Nassau Club. Lunch featured a delicious tilapia entree and the presence of several wives, who toned down the occasional rowdiness of the preceding Reunion Planning Meeting. So many people wanted to attend that we were forced to move some into an overflow room. An incredible downpour at noon cleared up before 2pm, allowing a dry and festive P-Rade. Classmates seen somewhere included Becton, Barth, Beaver, Briggs, Bush, Conway, Detjens, Harris, Hopper, Keller, Kramer, Lippincott, McGlynn, Major, Maloney, Seabring, Southwell, Tellander, Williamson, Willard, and Wing, plus Joan Sachs Shaw, along with assorted spouses, partners, children, and even grandchildren.
Tex Harris took many pictures and has made them available  here .

Read Dave O’Neal’s report on drinking with Ernest Hemingway.

VERY EARLY NOTICE: Arrangements have been made for the 1960 and 1961 Annual Class Dinner to be held at the Racquet and Tennis Club, 370 Park Avenue on Monday, March 2, 2009. 1960 is in charge of the event. Further details relating to time and the speaker will be announced closer to that date.

Lee Elman ’58 hosted the Third Annual Princeton Club of the Berkshires (Western Mass.) Party at his home in Great Barrington, MA on April 12, 2008. Princeton Alumni from many Classes were present but 1960 had the most attendees of any class. Those present and their wives were: Jean Rousseau and Georgeanne
Philip Detjens and Susan
Lew Robinson and Martha
William Zimmerman and Michelle
Clif Maloney and Carolyn

Thanks to the efforts of Paul Taylor, our Class Memorials officer, we are now able to offer a partial collection of pre-1989 memorials which appeared in PAW but because of their early dates are not included in their current collection of memorials. See the bottom of this page for details.

Alumni Day 2008, 23 February, was graced by the presence of five classmates: Philip Detjens, Clif Maloney, Mike Southwell, Dave Willard, and Tom Wing. Detjens represented the Class at the Annual Memorial Service, and writes as follows:

I was honored to represent the Class of 1960 in the Service of Remembrance held on February 23 
in the University Chapel as part of the annual Alumni Day ceremonies. Those members of our Class 
commemorated and the dates of their death follow:

Dana Michael Friedman  December 27, 2007
Joseph Baker Knotts, Jr.   December 18, 2007
Henry Raymond Hamil McAllen   December 7, 2007
Stephen Michael Slaton Scheidt   August 7, 2007
Daniel Joseph Tobin   December 19, 2007

[Alumni Day]
(from L back) Maloney, Southwell, Willard and Peg Willard; (front) Carolyn Maloney, Detjens, Wing

[Alumni Day]
President Tilghman addresses the attendees

The Class has arranged for lunch at the Nassau Club on Saturday of Reunions, 31 May. If you’d like to attend, please contact Evan Bush by email or telephone at 302-933-0944 or snail mail at 27175 Avalon Road, Georgetown, DE 19947.

We are saddened to announce that Dick Deyo, our former Class President, died of cancer at 3:30am on Monday, 28 January 2008. Mike Southwell represented the Class at the wake on Wednesday 30 January, and Clif Maloney, Jim Hirschy, Dave Willard, Philip Detjens, and Cal Beatty represented the Class at the Funeral Mass and reception on Thursday 31 January.

The Class is proud to announce an entirely new section on the website memorializing perhaps our most significant and long-lasting accomplishment, the Sachs Scholarship. You may find it here.

Philip Detjens reports on the annual Class Dinner, held with the Class of 1961 at Racquet and Tennis Club in New York, on Monday, 3 March 2008: On March 3, 2008 the Class of 1960, in conjunction with the Class of 1961, held their annual dinner at the Racquet and Tennis Club in New York City. The Speaker was James D. Zirin '61, a Partner with the law firm of Sidley Austin.The Class of 1960 was represented by 25 people including Carter Bales and wife Suzanne, Phil Becton, Jake Callery, Philip Detjens, Pat Durkin, Lee Fuller, Marty Garrell. Jin Hirschy, Rich McGlynn, Jean Rousseau, Bill Spears and wife Joan, Skip Swan and wife Janis, Bob Villency, Peter Williamson, and Bill Yeckley. Guests included Pauline Yeung, the Sachs Scholar and Joan Sachs Shaw, Dan Sach's widow.

Clif Maloney and Mike Southwell skied together for a day at Vail, having purely by accident wound up there at the same time. Alas, they both had such a good time that they forgot to take any pictures.

John Gartner reports on the Princeton Club of Sarasota/Manatee’s Holiday Brunch:

The Class of ’60 had a wonderful table at today’s PC of Sarasota/Manatee’s Holiday Brunch 
at the Sarasota Yacht Club. Enjoying reminescences and discussing how fortunate we all are to share 
what the Sarasota area has to offer were Hobart (Skip) and Janis Swan, Bill and Vivienne Lambrecht, 
Bruce and Pat Higgins and John and Toni Gartner. Unfortunately, none of us brought a camera.

Senior Pauline Yeung has been named the recipient of the 2008 Daniel M. Sachs Class of 1960 Graduating Scholarship. Read the University’s announcement.

Check out the new Wild and Crazy page for some stuff that may be even more interesting than grandchildren.

Seen at the Yale game were the following: Beaver, Bromley, Bush, Carrick, Deiss, Hillegass, Howson, Maloney, McGlynn, Pierce, Peterson, Southwell, Willard.

classmates at Brown

David Willard reports on the Brown game: Six classmates enjoyed themselves at the Brown game despite the final score: (from left) Ron Barks, Ron Hillegass, Paul Taylor, David Willard, Len Chang, and Charles Stamm. A post-game party at the Hillegasses' lakefront house featured Peggy’s delicious food. picture credit: Dave Willard

The Class will have a ’60 Mini-Reunion at its table at the Tiger Tent at the Harvard Game on 20 October in Cambridge. See the event flyer here. This event will be coordinated by Jean Rousseau; please let him know if you plan on attending. You may reach him at 413-298-0328 or by email.

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we are aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found here.

Stephen Scheidt, 7 August 2007
Henry McAllen, 7 December 2007
Joseph Knotts, Jr., 18 December 2007
Daniel Tobin, 19 December 2007
Dana Friedman, 27 December 2007
John Coe, 20 January 2008
Douglass Forsyth, 26 January 2008
Dick Deyo, 28 January 2008
Paul Sackett, 17 March 2008
Mike Lanham, 13 May 2008
Peter de Vos, 9 June 2008

Information about locating Class Memorials is here. Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


Quenby Williamson, wife of our classmate Peter, died on 11 June 2007. Quenby was responsible for designing and producing our 30th Reunion costume, which we have used, with her help, ever since.
[It is Class policy to announce on the website deaths only of classmates, and then only by listing (as at the bottom of this page), leaving comments to the obituaries appearing in PAW. In this case, we have deliberately bypassed that policy.]

Eighteen members of the Class, plus Joan Sachs Shaw and various wives, attended Reunions 2007.  More 

Our Treasurer, John Cartier, writes soliciting increased support (both financial and otherwise) for the Class. The letter is  here ; a PDF version is  here .

The University has announced two recipients for Sachs scholarships from the Class of 2007: Joshua Goldsmith and Emily Stolzenberg.  More 

Our annual Class Dinner was held with the Class of 1961 on Monday, 5 March 2007, at 6pm at Racquet and Tennis Club in New York City. The featured speaker was Ann-Marie Slaughter ’80, Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School and a Sachs Scholar. She discussed the Princeton Project on National Security, a multi-year research project aimed at developing a new, bipartisan national security strategy for the United States.

Philip Detjens reports as follows on Alumni Day:

I was honored and privileged to represent the Class of 1960 at the Service of Remembrance 
held at the University Chapel in Princeton on Alumni Day on Feb. 24. This Service pays tribute 
to all members of the Princeton Community—alumni, students and faculty—who have 
died during 2006. Our Class had 15 classmates listed.

[See the list of recent deaths at the bottom of this page.]

For everyone's information there were only five people associated with our Class at Alumni weekend. 
They were Dick Deyo, Dave Willard, Even Bush, Joan Sachs Shaw and myself.

The 22 November 2006 issue of PAW contains a letter from Webster Wheelock attacking President Tilghman’s characterization of Princeton during President Goheen’s early years (which coincided with our years, admittedly relatively placid) as “a largely homogeneous college of modest aspirations.” His letter is  here .

PAW recently profiled President Emeritus Robert Goheen  here . An excerpt from a four-hour video interview is  here .

Joe Healey, who left our class after Junior Year to go into the Maryknoll Missionary Priesthood, and since then has been in East Africa, was prompted by President Phil Becton’s letter this fall to write and reconnect with the class. You may read his email  here .

The Tigers won (a share of) the Ivy League title at the Dartmouth game on 18 November. A random and surely incomplete list of those seen at the game is: Beaver, Becton (and wife Betsy), Bellows, Briggs, Deyo (and wife Kathy), Hilles (and wife Jane), Ippolito, Maloney (and wife Carolyn), McMillan, Southwell, Willard, along with Joan Sachs Shaw.  [More] 

The Harvard game on 23 October featured a pre-game “tailgate” at Jadwin (pictures below), a highly exciting game, and a post-game reception at Terrace Club. A total of 17 classmates were seen somewhere or other: Beaver, Bellows, Briggs, Carrick, Conway, Deyo, Friedman, Ippolito, Lippincott, Max, McMillan, Pearce, Southwell, Urbaniak, Willard, Williamson, and Wing, along with Joan Sachs Shaw.  [More] 

Fifty years ago this Fall we were all green freshmen, wandering wide-eyed around the campus. Thanks to Rich McGlynn, we can see what The Daily Princetonian thought about us.  [More] 

Do you have pictures or other memorabilia from 50 years ago that you’d like to share? Please  contact us .

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we are aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us .

Henry Harrington Beam, Dec. 21, 2006
John Landis Blodgett, April 20, 2006
Louis James Brangan, April 13, 2006
Nicholas Robert Cozzarelli, Mar, 19,2006
Peter Oscar Erlandsen, June 3, 2006
Jackson Noyes Huddleston, Mar. 11, 2006
Lawrence Jasper, Nov. 27, 2006
Peter Robert Kaplan, Mar. 2, 2006
Alan Stewart McDowell, June 16, 2006
John Tettemer O'Neil, April 5, 2006
Paul Vanderbilt Roberts, Feb. 1, 2006
Stanley H. Shaughnessy, Sept. 4, 2004 (reported in '06)
Willard Allen Speakman, April 11, 2006
Robert Hackworth Swope, Oct. 29, 2006
Robert Coyle Williams, Sept. 27, 2006


Philip Detjens reports as follows on Annual Giving 2006, which ended on 30 June:

Princeton raised $40,407,617, the highest amount ever, with a participation of 58.2%. 
the largest number of alumni ever.   The Class of ’60 raised $170,709 with a 
participation of 70.3%. This is the best participation percentage for our Class in 
over 20 years for a non major reunion period and the 4th best ever. Clif Maloney, 
Class Agent, did a great job, even making solicitation calls on June 30 while 
climbing Mt. Hood in Washington.
Special thanks are due to Clif, to Philip, and to all who participated.

Our off year 46th reunion was held on 1-4 June 2006. Fourteen classmates (Achenbach, Beaver, Bush, Deyo, Detjens, Fisher, Hillegas, Hopper, Limoges, McGlynn, Prindl, Southwell, Willard, and Wing) and Joan Sachs Shaw, along with assorted spouses and children (including Margaret McGlynn ’86, back for her 20th Reunion), marched in the P-rade, thankfully dry after torrential downpours just an hour earlier.  More . Dick Deyo represented the Class at the annual Sachs Scholar brunch “send-off” to Oxford. In all, there were 38 Former Sachs Scholars and friends, including  Dan-el Padilla-Peralta , our 2006 Scholar.

A small group of classmates got together in Atlanta in Spring 2006.  [More] 

Jack Huddleston died on 11 March 2006. His wife Keiko announced his death with the following email message:

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me for sending out this message in the impersonal form of an e-mail, 
but due to the number of Jack's friends all over the world this is the only way to 
promptly inform you all. I am deeply saddened to let you know that Jack passed away 
on Saturday, March 11th in his home surrounded by his two daughters, Shannon and Saya, 
and myself. 

I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement to Jack during this very 
difficult time. Please know that he immensely enjoyed receiving your e-mails and 
telephone calls which cheered him up so much. . . . As Jack wished, there will be no 
service but an open house will be held at a later date for friends.

Keiko Huddleston

Jackson Noyes Huddleston, Jr. of Seattle, born in Huntington, West  Virginia in 1938, 
passed away of pancreatic cancer. Jack spent his life as a student, businessman, teacher 
and author culminating in the book; "Gaijin Kaisha - Running a Foreign Business in Japan". 
He is survived by his wife, Keiko Huddleston, and daughters, Shannon Lee Lucansky, Leawood, 
Kansas and Sayako Huddleston, Paris, France.
The family has requested that in lieu of flowers remembrances be made to  Princeton in Asia  or to  the University of Washington Jackson N. Huddleston, Jr.'s Men's Rugby Endowment .

Peter Kaplan died on 2 March 2006. A brief obituary from the Nashville Tennessean reads as follows:
Age 67, March 2, 2006 after a long illness. Beloved and respected teacher and physician 
in Nashville since 1972. He will be sorely missed by friends, colleagues and staff at 
St. Thomas Hospital, and in particular, by his family. He is survived by his sister, 
Paula Miller; brothers, Dr. Michael Kaplan and Danny Kaplan; several nieces and nephews. 
Graveside service will be 4 p.m. Sunday, March 5, 2006 at K.K.A.I. Cemetery, 18th and 
Cass Street, conducted by Rabbi Ronald Roth and Cantor Stanley Weinberger.

Dan-el Padilla Peralta, a classics major, has been named the 2006 Sachs Scholar. The University’s announcement of the award is  here .

Again this year, we joined with the Class of 1961 for a Florida golf outing. This year’s event was scheduled for Wednesday, 22 March 2006, at  Abacoa Golf Club  in Jupiter.

Our Annual Class Dinner with the Class of 1961 was held on Monday, 13 March 2006, in New York City. Further information is  here .

A small band of stalwarts made it to Alumni Day on Saturday, 25 February 2006. A (very small) gallery of pictures can be found  here . The University’s coverage is  here . Archived lectures are  here .

Despite the final score, a group of classmates enjoyed a beautiful Fall afternoon at the Yale game. Many made it to the pre-game luncheon by the 1960 banner in Jadwin Gym; others joined the post-game cocktail party at Terrace Club. Seen somewhere even if not photographed were: Beatty, Beaver, Briggs, Bush, Detjens, Deyo, Fuller, Hilles, Hirschy, Huettig, Ippolito, TKehler, McMillan, Pearce, LRobinson, Scully, Joan Sachs Shaw, Siggins, Soden, Southwell, and Willard, plus assorted spouses and companions. View the photo gallery  here .

You should have received Clif Maloney’s recent appeal for Annual Giving 2005/6. Please be as generous as you can in repaying Princeton for the wonderful education we were all privileged to receive, now, alas, so long ago. Just as important as the size of your gift is the percentage of respondents, so don’t hesitate to give even a token amount. You may contact Clif directly if you wish to.


The Class’s donations to Annual Giving for 2004/5 were $1,373,497! Philip Detjens’s final report is  here .

Our 45th Reunion, held 26-29 May 2005, was a tremendous success!  [More] 

[from the March 2005 Tiger E-News]: Senior Kyle Jaros has been named the recipient of the 2005 Daniel M. Sachs Class of 1960 Graduating Scholarship, one of the highest honors given to Princeton undergraduates. It will fund Jaros’s tuition and living expenses for next year as he travels to Nanjing University to continue Chinese language study and to research the relationship between Chinese nationalism and Chinas foreign policy in the early 20th century. The University’s press release is here.

[from the March 2005 Tiger E-News]: The University’s President Emeritus Robert Goheen ’40 *48 has recorded his recollections of the years 1957 to 1972 (ours almost certainly being among the most placid of those). The University’s press release is here.

The Class of 1961 has invited us to participate in a Florida golf outing and mini-reunion based in Miami on 4-5 April. One of the featured events will be a tour through the collections of the Bass Museum by Carol Damian, wife of our own Vince.  [More] 

Our annual Class Dinner with the Class of 1961 will be held on Tuesday, 29 March, at Racquet and Tennis Club in New York City. The speaker will be John McCarter.

Philip Detjens writes as follows about Annual Giving:

As of Dec 31, our Class has raised $425,316 with contributions from 27.0% of the official role of 641.
Our goals for the 45th reunion are $2,250,000 with participation of 70%. Six months to go--

[image of class table at Jadwin]
Prior to the Harvard Game on October 23rd, a small group of classmates met at Jadwin for lunch under the ’60 banner. From left: Dick and Kathy Deyo, Mike Southwell and Lillian Salazar, Anna and Stan Dees, Roger Barth, Rich McGlynn. Seen also at the post-game cocktail party at Terrace Club or elsewhere were Dave and Peg Willard, Evan Bush, Bruce Soden, Walter Lippencott, Jack Siggins, David Pearce, Art Bellows, and Jeff Beaver.

Dick Deyo has written all Classmates, announcing Annual Giving 2004-2005, with a Class goal of $2,250,000 for our 45th Reunion year.  [More] 


Annual Giving update from Philip Detjens: “The final results of the 2003-04 Annual Giving campaign which ended on 6-30-04 were 64.9% participation and $165,869 raised. This compares with goals of 65% and $200,000.” Congratulations are in order, and special thanks to Philip for his hard and successful work on this important effort.

A small band of classmates celebrated our 44th reunion by marching in the P-rade under the ’60 banner on Saturday 29 May.  [More] 

Vince Lee was the featured speaker at our Class Dinner, held jointly with the Class of 1961 on Tuesday, 9 March 2004, at Racquet & Tennis Club in New York.

Seated at the 1960 table at Alumni Day, 21 February 2004: Deyo, Haskell, Seabring, Southwell, Willard. No pictures, alas. Southwell represented the Class at the Service of Remembrance. Keynote speeches by Madison Medalist Harold T. Shapiro *64, president emeritus of Princeton, and by Woodrow Wilson Award winner Joseph S. Nye Jr. ’58, dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, are available online.

Our Class Agent, Philip Detjens, is looking for lost classmates. He writes as follows:

The Class of 1960 has 45 people that cannot be located. Can anyone help us to identify their whereabouts? Here is a partial listing and the date we lost contact:

Roger H. Frazier (1983)  found 2005 
James A. Guest (1986)
Timothy P. Philbrook (1989)
Rev. W. Robert Shade (1997)
Stanley Shaughnessy (2000)  deceased 4 September 2004 
Carl J. Talmadge (2000)
Jack L. Worstell (1980)
Theadore C. Granger (1997)
Evan E. Kimble II (2001)

Please contact Philip if you can help.

Vincent Vitale ’04 has been named this year’s Sachs Scholar.  [More] 

David Ransom has died. A brief death notice in The New York Times for 8 December 2003 reads in part as follows:

RANSOM - David Michael, of Washington, DC, died December 4, 2003, 
of a heart attack in New York City. . . . He was U.S.
Ambassador to Bahrain, a career U.S. diplomat and Arabist, 
a beloved father and successful businessman. He is survived by
his wife of 38 years, Marjorie, his three daughters, Elizabeth, 
Katherine and Sarah, his brother, Clifford, a son-in-law,
Craig, and two grandsons, Ransom and Gabriel. . . . In lieu of 
flowers, the family asks that donations be made to 
the Arabic program, Rock Creek International School.
Read the Rock Creek International School’s notice of Ransom’s death here. Watch for the class’s memorial in an upcoming issue of PAW.

Roger Barth was featured in a recent issue of Lacrosse Magazine. Used with permission. [NOTE: This is a large (458K) document in PDF format, so it will take a long time to download unless you have a broadband connection. Also you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don’t have it already.]

John Hart Ely has died. Bob Blalock writes that John was “probably the most influential scholar of the US constitution of our time; certainly the most original thinker on the subject. Among other prominent positions he held was his service as Dean of Stanford’s law school. On top of this he was a truly nice person—in the best sense of the term.” The obituary in The New York Times called him “a constitutional scholar of dazzling originality and wide influence.” Watch for the class’s memorial in an upcoming issue of PAW.

John Graves has died. John was a dedicated Princetonian and a community activist on many levels. In fact, he had been scheduled to receive another philanthropic award in Florida next week. A brief death notice in The New York Times for 22 October 2003 reads as follows:

GRAVES - John C., 65, died of heart failure on October 13.
Graduated from Buckley, Collegiate and Princeton University
and received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Princeton.  Taught
philosophy at M.I.T.  Became a psychotherapist in Boston and 
Ft. Lauderdale.  Survived by a sister, Emily Graves Jones 
and three nieces, Virginia, Catherine and Lelia and his 
partner, Raymond Trevino.  Donations may be sent to The
Stonewall Library or The Sunshine Cathedral, both in Fort
Watch for the class’s memorial in an upcoming issue of PAW.

McGlynn featured on front page of New York Times for 26 October 2003! Well, ok, it wasn’t exactly the front page; it was page 15 in the New Jersey section. And it wasn’t exactly a feature; it was a letter. But still...  [More] 


The Class raised $179,586 (from a goal of $205,000) for Annual Giving, with participation of 63.2% (from a goal of 70%), 412 contributors from a roll of 652 (in comparison to last year’s 431 contributors). The University raised $34.5M with participation of 59%. Thanks to Philip Detjens for all of his hard work.

A mini-reunion took place in Chicago on 27-29 June 2003.  [More] 

Tom Keating died on Sunday, 1 June 2003.  [More] 

Despite inclement weather, 11 enthusiastic classmates attended Reunions 2003.  [More] 

Banner and Dick Hughes hosted a 1960/61 mini-reunion in April.  [More] 

The inaugural edition of Tiger E-News, the University’s monthly electronic newsletter for alumni, has just appeared. The Newsletter provides an easy-to-scan digest of pertinent University news, information and Web-based resources. If you did not receive it, the only reason can be that the University does not have your email address. You may remedy that situation here.

Mike Lanham exchanges Rotary Club banners in Prague.  [More] 

The Sachs Scholarship has been awarded to Rafil Kroll-Zaidi ’03.  [More] 

The Class has a new website, and you’re looking at it!  [More] 

Class Memorials

Class memorials from 1995 to the present which originally appeared in PAW are located here, listed alphabetically.

PAW Columns

Archived Class Notes from Princeton Alumni Weekly from 2000 to the present can be found here, and from 1995 to 2000 here.


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