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[President Bob Briggs] Welcome to the Class website. It is intended to supplement the Princeton Alumni Weekly, to help disseminate timely information about the varied activities of the Class, and to facilitate more effective communication and interaction. Its content is constantly changing so please access it frequently and help us by supplying photos and items of interest that concern our Class. Its value is enhanced by your ideas and participation. The Princeton Alumni Weekly is the only vehicle that goes to all members of the Class, not just those with internet connections, so please continue to supply our Class Secretary, Dick Grieves, with news by clicking  here .

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Upcoming Events

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Current News

President Bob Briggs has updated his December letter reporting the University’s Spring 2021 planning; it is available as a webpage  here .
1 March 2021

A letter from President Bob Briggs, available  here  in pdf format, reports the University's decision not to schedule Reunions 2021 in a traditional format, at least not yet. More information will (eventually) be forthcoming.
1 January 2021

The 2021 Sachs Scholars have been announced: Aisha Tahir ’21, Jimin Kang ’21, and Hannah Duffus from Worcester College, Oxford. As usual, the Scholars have jaw-dropping accomplishments already and even bigger plans for the future.

From the announcement email: “Aisha plans to take her mighty pen and journalistic ambitions to South Asia, where she will report on multi-generational feminism before heading off for formal study at SOAS in London. . . . She is, among many other things, one of the very few Muslim students in the world ever to have interned for the Jewish Daily Forward. . . .

Jimin . . . promises to combine an extraordinary talent for journalism with a passion for the environment. As our Worcester Scholar, she proposes to pursue master’s degrees in both comparative literature and environmental management. An academic superstar with a clutch of prizes to her name, Jimin has been a campus leader through both her service work and her journalism. She also happens to be both a championship debater and a championship belly dancer. . . .

Hannah Duffus, a graduate of Monash University in Australia and currently a Provost’s Scholar at Worcester, will explore wildfire literatures of the American West as a student of the environmental humanities at the Princeton Graduate School. . . .She knows more about supervising a blueberry farm than the rest of us put together.”

See also the announcement on page 13 of the March 2021 issue of PAW.
8 March 2021

Tex Harris was honored on 10 December 2020, Human Rights Day, by two different human rights organizations in Washington, DC. Details are  here . Tex was also featured in the annual celebration in PAW of alumni of particular distiction who have died during the previous year; that article is  here .
22 February 2021

Bob Briggs's President's letter for 2020 is available  here  (in pdf format).
1 September 2020

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Dual A. Macintyre, 9 February 2020
Donald P. Wei, 1 August 2020
Douglas L. Relyea, 3 October 2020
Eric R. Miller, 20 October 2020
Edward A. Kostelnik, 15 November 2020
Peter M. Crispo, 20 December 2020
Arthur L. Max, 25 December 2020
Donald B. Stott, 25 December 2020
John H. Arens, 13 January 2021
William O. Fulton, 13 January 2021
John C. Roemer III, 14 January 2021
Theron. O. Worth, Jr., 19 January 2021
William Whipple III, 22 March 2021
John L. Hopkins, 29 March 2021
Charles G. Reul, 2 April 2021
Ian H. McGee, 11 April 2021
Peter H. Renkert, 21 May 2021
William R. McMaster, 27 May 2021
Maurice B. Landers III, 11 July 2021
Paul D. Taylor, 18 July 2021

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting those that have never appeared in PAW.

A list (as up-to-date as we can possibly make it) of deceased members of the Class is available  here .

If you have news or information you’d like to see here, please contact us. Thanks!


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