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[President Bob Briggs] Welcome to the Class website. It is intended to supplement the Princeton Alumni Weekly, to help disseminate timely information about the varied activities of the Class, and to facilitate more effective communication and interaction. Its content is constantly changing so please access it frequently and help us by supplying photos and items of interest that concern our Class. Its value is enhanced by your ideas and participation. The Princeton Alumni Weekly is the only vehicle that goes to all members of the Class, not just those with internet connections, so please continue to supply our Class Secretary, Dick Grieves, with news by clicking  here .

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Reunions 2022

The university's official Reunions video is  here .

Annual Giving's Reunions video is  here .

Evan Bush reports on the Class's presence:

It was good to go back to Reunions once again. Attending Reunions were Charlie Barber; Roger Barth; Bob and Chris Briggs.; Evan Bush; Fred Hafetz, Ren Keller and his daughter Sarah ’03; Rich and Vicki McGlynn; Skip and Ginger Meishlan; Andy and Deborah Prindl, Bill Roberts and Mary Gedney; Bob and Ellen Seabring; Ross and Lucia Santy; and Bob and Rowann Villency. We had a delightful lunch in the beautiful library at Prospect House where Charlie Barber sang The Ash Grove, a lovely song about the sorrowful but fond memories of lost friends before we sang Old Nassau and cheered the University and the Class. This year we had enough people stay to enjoy a dinner together Saturday at the Nassau Club.
25 May 2022

[image of Tex] His family created a celebration of Tex Harris’s life on 21 May. The large attendance included many foreign service colleagues and the Class members shown below (from right: Kahane, Avery, Warne, Spivak, Elgin, Dees, Middleton, Rochmis). Special thanks to Paul Rochmis for passing this information along.

[image of Class members attending]
30 May 2022

Evan Bush has announced that 10 April is the deadline for registering for Reunions 2022. See below for information about contacting him to register.
1 April 2022

Evan Bush has announced preliminary plans for Reunions 2022:

Thank you [in advance] for letting me know your Reunion plans. At present there are approximately 15 classmates who will be coming back. Based on that we have made arrangements for lunch Saturday at noon at Prospect House. I will have more information about the lunch and cost later. Prospect House is on campus near the chapel and was formerly the president's home.

We will be the guests of the Class of 1962 and there will be no cost for attending their events. However, their dinners for Friday and Saturday are closed events and we will need to plan dinner events for those who are coming for the full weekend. Accordingly, I need to know if you are planning to be at Princeton on Friday and Saturday.

Contact Evan at evanbush38@gmail.com or (302) 841-3074 with your plans.
11 March 2022

The February 2022 Annual Giving Solicitation letter from Dave Dodge and Rich McGlynn is available  here  (in pdf format).
17 February 2022

“To Be or Not to Be” is the question for many events this year including Princeton Reunions and our annual Reunion Lunch. If our Reunion Lunch does take place,it will be on Saturday, May 25th. Despite the uncertainty of the Lunch, the Reunions crew will need an estimate of those who would attend so that we can have a suitable venue. If you plan to attend, please let Evan Bush know at evanbush38@gmail or (302) 841-3074.
26 January 2022

Bob Seabring's Treasurer's letter for November 2021 is available  here  (in pdf format).
4 December 2021

Bob Briggs's President's letter for 2021 is available  here  (in pdf format).
2 October 2021

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Peter M. Crispo, 20 December 2020
James W. Leonard, 27 January 2021
Michael F.R. Newbold, 10 June 2021
Maurice B. Landers III, 11 July 2021
Paul D. Taylor, 18 July 2021
Peter B. Alford, 27 August 2021
Thomas R. Smith, Jr., 2 September 2021
Thomas F. Urbaniak, 5 September 2021
Alban Keith Forcione, 14 September 2021
Ned C. Steele, 20 September 2021
C. Gerald Sundahl, 22 October 2021
James A. Shield, Jr., 24 October 2021
Edward H. Smith, Jr., 31 October 2021
Arthur S. Rosenblatt, 1 December 2021
John F. Curley, Jr., 1 January 2022
Philip J. Rogal, 15 February 2022
Kaneaster Hodges, Jr., 23 March 2022
Ronald E. Barks, 9 May 2022
Lance Robinson, 13 May 2022
Peter H. Gray, 3 June 2022

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting those that have never appeared in PAW.

A list (as up-to-date as we can possibly make it) of deceased members of the Class is available  here .

If you have news or information you’d like to see here, please contact us. Thanks!


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