Reunions 2020
60th Reunion Class Memorials

After our 55th Reunion, former Class President Philip Detjens conceived of the idea of supplementing our already very prestigious Daniel M. Sachs Class of 1960 Graduating Scholarship with something else that would make our Class year permanently recorded at the University, in honor of our 60th Reunion. Several years of work on that have culminated in completion of the task at the beginning of the year leading up to that Reunion.

Chapel Stone

[image of chapel stone]

Above is an image of the stone that we have had inscribed on the wall of the Chapel. The stone is located on the right side as you enter, in the second alcove from the rear, just above eye level. The inscription, “Once more, before our closing cheer, to Alma Mater Sing!” comes from the Steps Song, written in 1894 by Ernst Carter ’1888, and appearing in Carmina Princetonia, was chosen by Rich McGlynn, and was run past the entire Class for comments, and then approved by the Officers.

Memorial Scholarship

We have donated $50,000 from our Class funds to the University to establish the endowed Class of 1960 Memorial Scholarship. We have every hope that this scholarship will be awarded during this calendar year, and we might actually be able to honor its recipient at Reunions. President Eisgruber has written the Class, thanking us for this effort; his letter is available (in pdf format)  here .

We realize that this initial $50,000 endowment will be unable to fund a very large scholarship award at first, and so we are now offering an opportunity on the dues payment card for Class members to give a special donation to be added to the endowment. We are also hoping (and expecting: we have one promise already) that estate donations may be dedicated to this endowment.

A copy of the letter establishing the scholarship is available (in pdf format)  here .


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