55th Reunion
May 28 - 31, 2015
dum vivimus, vivamus

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Confirmed Attendees

Bruce Adaire
Peter Alford
Cam Avery
Richard Banz
Charlie Barber
Ron Barks
Roger Barth
Batch Batcheller
Jim Beardsley
Jeff Beaver
Philip Becton
Walt Berger
Peter Beuret
Neville Blakemore
Bob Blalock
Frank Bocian
Bob Briggs
James Bromley
Jeff Brown
Robert Brumfield
Evan Bush
Mark Carliner
John Cartier
Len Chang
Dick Coleman
Dobbah Conway
lang cook
Vincent Damian
Joel Davidow
Lawrence Davis
Tread Davis
Nicholas Davis "Nick"
Armand Derfner
Philip Detjens
Dave Dodge
Pat Durkin
Art Elgin
Christian Fischbacher
Peter Fish
Bob Fisher
Ron Fisher
Alban Forcione
Ben Forgey
Bill Galloway
Marty Garrell
John Gartner
Bob Gibbon
Al Glancy
Frederick Hafetz
Parker Harrell, Jr
Tex Harris
Joseph Healey
Chuck Hicks
Bruce Higgins
Hilly Hillegass
Ted Hilles
James Hirschy
Ron Hummel
Mike "Boomah" Ippolito
Bob Jackson
A.W. Karchmer
Ron Katsky
Tom Kehler
Ren Keller
Walt Kirn
Don Kramer
Dave Lank
Garland Lasater
Harrison Lazarus
Dick Limoges
Walter Lippincott
Henry Lippmann
Henry Lord
Mason Lowance
Rob MacGregor
Glenn Maddalon
Anthony Mansell
John Marshall
Bud Marx
Arthur Max
Rich McGlynn
Terry Mecray
Skip Meislahn
Carl Middleton
Frank Montgomery
Ray Nash
Bob O'Hara
Charlie Owen
Dave Pearce
Geo Peyton
Tod Peyton
Andreas Prindl
Dave Rahr
Peter Reilly
Tom Riley
Lewis Robinson '60
Paul Rochmis
Jean Rousseau
Ross Santy
Ed Saphar
George Schnetzer
Spike Schultheis
Robert Seabring
Bob Sellery
Jack Siggins
Gordon Silcox
Grant Smith
Tom Smith
Walt Smyth
Mike Southwell
Jim Stinnett
Jerry Stoller
Skip Swan
Paul Taylor
Bob Tellander
Thomas Urbaniak
Bob Villency
Chuck Vogel
James Weiss
Tom Wertheimer
Peter Williamson
Samuel Winn
Hunter Wood
Bill Yeckley

Total Classmates registered: 124
Guests registered: 110

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