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[image of Class President Philip Detjens] Welcome to the Class website. It is intended to supplement the Princeton Alumni Weekly and help disseminate timely information about the varied activities of the Class and facilitate more effective communication and interaction. Its content is constantly changing so please access it frequently and help us by supplying photos and items of interest that concern our Class. Its value is enhanced by your ideas and participation. The Princeton Alumni Weekly is the only vehicle that goes to all members of the Class, not just those with internet connections, so please continue to supply our Class Secretary, Dick Grieves, with news by clicking  here .

Our 55th Reunion is now just 6 days away! We hope to see you soon!

General Reunions information is  here . A schedule of events is  here . Sorry, online registration is no longer available. But you may still register at Headquarters during the Reunion period.

See who's already registered  here .

Events from previous years can be found on the  Archives  page.

Upcoming Events

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Current News

Class directory By now, all members of the Class will have received the 1960 Directory, a project of our 55th Reunion, put together by Class President Philip Detjens.
3 May 2015

A not-very-large group of Classmates attended our nearly-annual Class Luncheon with 1961 at the Princeton Club in New York City on Thursday 19 March 2015, and was entertained by speakers Dave Lank and Rich McGlynn. Sorry, no pictures.
23 April 2015

Dave Dodge and Rich McGlynn provide an update on our 55th Reunion Annual Giving Campaign in their letter of March 2015, available  here .
23 March 2015

A modest-sized group of Classmates enjoyed the 100th anniversay of Alumni Day on 21 February 2015. A brief report with pictures is  here .
22 February 2015

Doug Hopper expands  his earlier report  on meeting President Eisenhower with more details, including a copy of Ike’s thank-you note to him,  here .
9 February 2015

The newest class of Sachs scholars has been announced. William (Billy) Beacom ’15 (left) is a Woodrow Wilson School concentrator who plans to take his Global Scholarship on a ride through five countries of central Asia in search of answers about the influence of China on authoritarian regimes. Brett Diehl ’15 (right), a history concentrator whose research at the intersection of poverty and criminal justice has already taken him to rural Peru, Brazil, Cuba, and on the trail of Che Guevara in South America, will study economic and social history and criminal justice at Worcester College. The University’s Press Release is  here , and the Prince article is  here .
12 December 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of the University’s Class Exchange features an article on page 5 on our mini-reunion in Philadelphia, suggesting that it was a model for other classes to emulate, due in part to the excellent organizational work of Terry Mecray, Jim Bromley, and Kurt Medina. The article is available  here .

A group of classmates attended the Alumni Association’s Tailgates and our traditional Cocktail Party before and after the Harvard game. A brief report, with pictures, is  here .
26 October 2014

The Class’s mini-reunion in Philadelphia, on 26 - 28 September 2014, with an emphasis on historic Colonial Philadelphia, was a tremendous success. A recap, with pictures, is  here .
1 October 2014

President Philip Detjens, inspired by who knows what, has created a second edition of his world-famous Trivia Quiz which, like the first, will surely test the knowledge of all of us about Princeton. Take the quiz  here .

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Harvey Clyde Melick, Jr., 19 December 1990
Garrett B. Richman, 21 February 2011
William James Chalmers Merrill, 6 March 2014)
Richard J. Levine, 14 April 2011
G. Kirk Strong, 27 September 2011
Blair Butterworth, 29 March 2013
Allan L. Griffith, 30 May 2014
Christopher Hail, 17 June 2014
Donald B. Shafto, 30 July 2014
Hal G. Kuntz, 18 August 2014
Edward O. (Ned) Robinson, 10 September 2014
John Hu Sen Chang, 16 September 2014
Victor Sidhu, 17 September 2014
David P. Carlin, 11 January 2015
George B. Stericker, Jr., 10 March 2015

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting these.


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