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[President Mike Southwell] Welcome to the Class website. It is intended to supplement the Princeton Alumni Weekly, to help disseminate timely information about the varied activities of the Class, and to facilitate more effective communication and interaction. Its content is constantly changing so please access it frequently and help us by supplying photos and items of interest that concern our Class. Its value is enhanced by your ideas and participation. The Princeton Alumni Weekly is the only vehicle that goes to all members of the Class, not just those with internet connections, so please continue to supply our Class Secretary, Dick Grieves, with news by clicking  here .

Events from previous years can be found on the  Archives  page.

Upcoming Events

Start planning now to attend the following scheduled events:

23 February 2018 Alumni Day. General information and a schedule of events, including information about the award winners to be announced at the luncheon, are  here .
30 May - 2 June 2018 Reunions, our 59th. Watch for more information as it becomes available.

Current News

Preliminary planning has begun for a mini-Reunion in Jacksonville, FL, on 30 April-2 May 2019! Phil Becton and Preston Haskell are the capable organizers. Save the date now, and watch for more information as it becomes available.
3 December 2018

The 2019 Sachs Scholars have been announced; they are Tylor-Maria Johnson and Emily Geyman, along with Molly Daunt who will be coming to Princeton from Worcester College, Oxford. The University's announcement is  here . Here is biographical information provided by the Sachs Scholarship Comittee:

[Tylor-Maria Johnson]Tylor-Maria Johnson, of Brooklyn, New York, is a senior in the Sociology Department and is completing certificates in African American Studies and American Studies. At Oxford, Tylor-Maria will read for the MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and a MSc in Evidence Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation in preparation for a future in law and community advocacy. Her desire to pursue a career in this field has been shaped by transformative internships at the Harlem Community Justice Center, the European Roma Rights Centre, and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights -- the last of these as a 2018 Scholar in the Nation’s Service (SINSI). On campus, Tylor-Maria has established herself as a community builder, not only as president of the Black Student Union and president of the Princeton University Gospel Ensemble but as a Residential College Adviser at Whitman College. A proud alumna of the Freshman Scholars Institute, Tylor-Maria is an active participant and leader in the Scholars Institute Fellows Program, which supports first-generation and/or low-income (FLI) students.

[Emily Geyman]Emily Geyman ’19, of Seattle, Washington, is a senior in the Geosciences Department and will use her Global Scholarship to pursue a year-long study in glaciology and permafrost research in Arctic Norway to better understand the role of ice in climate change. She plans to pursue an academic career in Earth Science with a commitment to improve communication to the public concerning climate conditions. A champion of the integrated sciences curriculum and a teaching assistant for three undergraduate courses in the Geosciences Department, Emily has served the Princeton community as a peer mentor and an engaged citizen of the sciences. Her academic accolades include the Benjamin F. Howell Class of 1913 Junior Prize and the Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence. Outside the lab, Emily can be found leading Outdoor Action trips, working at the Climbing Wall as an instructor, and running in preparation for an ultra-marathon.

[Molly Daunt]Molly Daunt, of London, England, is in her final year at Worcester College, Oxford, where she is reading for a B.A. in Classics. At Princeton, Molly intends to study Classics as a Visiting Student in the Graduate School, with a particular interest in the Program in the Ancient World. Molly comes with significant experience on archeological digs in Turkey and Sicily, where she was involved in the discovery of a Temple of Apollo. She has worked in the Ashmolean Museum as a Krasis Scholar and hopes to pursue a career in the curation and direction of museums. In her free time, Molly has served in crisis centers in Nairobi and Durban and has trekked solo through parts of Africa and the Middle East. She also plays on the Oxford University Tennis Team and is Captain of the Worcester Tennis Team.
3 December 2018

Tex Harris’s planned 1960 80th Birthdays Party is reported to have been a great success. Pictures are  here .

9 November 2018

A small group of classmates got together (l to r: Chang, Robinson, Taylor, Barks, Hillegass), along with their wives (l to r: Barks, Robinson, Taylor, Chang, Hillegass), at Paul Taylor's after the Harvard game. Thanks to Lew Robinson and Tex Harris for the pictures.
27 October 2018

Vince Lee announces the publication of his seventh book, OLD SCHOOL: A Mountain Guide’s Life Before the Net, the story of his life as a mountain guide before the internet took over our lives. Information, and an order form, can be found  here .
6 September 2018

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

William Wyatt Dudley, November 2017
John B. Gargalli, II, 7 June 2018
William M. Street, 26 July 2018
Richard A. Carrick, 12 August 2018
Mark L. Holmes, 17 August 2018
Neal Petersen, 25 August 2018
Joel S. Black, 27 August 2018
t Charles Ronald Hummel, 8 September 2018
Michael J. Keyser, 2 October 2018
Allan J. Lenzner, 3 October 2018

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting those that have never appeared in PAW.

A list (as up-to-date as we can possibly make it) of deceased members of the Class is available  here .

If you have news or information you’d like to see here, please contact us. Thanks!


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