58th Reunion, 31 May-3 June 2018

The University’s general information about Reunions is  here .

This year, we are a satellite Class for the 60th Reunion Class of 1958; as such, our participation in Reunions activities is essentially free, and thanks to the generosity of 1958 we can even eat free with them once registered. Remember, in accord with the procedures set up two years ago, registration and wristbanding take place in Alexander Hall, NOT at 1958's Reunions site in Holder/Hamilton Corridor (where our 55th Reunion was). Information about this process is  here .

Evan Bush has once again organized a light pre-P-rade lunch with wine, this year on campus at Prospect House, Room G, at a cost of $15, payable there. If you are planning to attend this lunch, please sign up below, so we can get an idea of who and how many will be there.

First Name:
Last Name:
Guest Name:

Here is a list of those who have already said they are planning on attending:

Roger Barth
Bob Briggs
Bruce Burnham
Evan Bush
Philip Detjens
Alban Forcione & Joyce Gardiner
Tex Harris & Jeannie
Ren Keller
Marshall Metzger & Janet
Greg Metzger '82 & Andrew Metzger '93
Andy Prindl & Deborah Robbins
Ross Santy & Lucia
Mike Southwell
Bob Tellander
Bob Villency & Rowann
Sam Winn


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