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[President Mike Southwell] Welcome to the Class website. It is intended to supplement the Princeton Alumni Weekly, to help disseminate timely information about the varied activities of the Class, and to facilitate more effective communication and interaction. Its content is constantly changing so please access it frequently and help us by supplying photos and items of interest that concern our Class. Its value is enhanced by your ideas and participation. The Princeton Alumni Weekly is the only vehicle that goes to all members of the Class, not just those with internet connections, so please continue to supply our Class Secretary, Dick Grieves, with news by clicking  here .

Events from previous years can be found on the  Archives  page.

Upcoming Events

Start planning now to attend the following scheduled events:

11 - 13 October 2017 Mini-reunion in the Berkshires, organized by Jean Rousseau. The letter announcing the event and providing signup details is  here .

Current News

The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training has published in its Moments in U.S. Diplomatic History a long article about Marjorie and David Ransom's diplomatic career in Yemen, available  here . Special thanks to Tex Harris for publicizing this.
30 June 2017

A report on Reunions 2017, with (a few) pictures, is  here .
5 June 2017

George Reiger, Paul Rochmis, Tex Harris sharing mussels and war stories on VA Shore to get summer season off to a good start (although one must wonder whether hearing, speaking, and seeing no evil is really a good start).
31 May 2017

At the request of Ray Kidani, the Class website now contains a list (as up-to-date as we can possibly make it) of deceased members of the Class, which can be reached by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of each page.
11 May 2017

A group of DC area alumni got together for lunch in April, at the instigation of Tex Harris. From left: Rob Warne, Jim Matlack, Nat White, John Marshall, Paul Rochmis, Tex Harris, Alan Romberg, Dick Kahane, Stan Dees, Art Elgin.
2 May 2017

Alumni Day 2017 featured a luncheon with a modest turnout of classmates, McGlynn, Santy, Seabring, and Southwell, along with Lucia Santy and Ellen Seabring. Present as our guests were this year's two astonishingly accomplished Sachs Scholars, Shannon Osaka (left) and Becca Kerner (see more about them just below). The program featured others (seniors, graduate students, and alumni) with similar accomplishments, and produced feelings among us of awe and gratitude at being associated with a University like Princeton.

The luncheon was followed by the annual Service of Remembrance in the Chapel. Southwell represented the Class. The service memorialized those Class members whose deaths have become known over the past year:
Robert Amsterdam Burt, August 3, 2015
Paul Everett Danielson Jr., March 1, 2016
Edward John Flynn Jr., October 7, 2016
Lee Mervin Fuller Jr., January 4, 2016
Walter Richard Hoesel, April 20, 2016
James Vinton Lawrence, April 9, 2016
George Jay Lichtblau, August 3, 2016
Jed Alard Maffenbeier, August 23, 2014
Andrew Jackson Donelson Morrow, October 27, 2016
Meredith Vance Munro, July 5, 2016
Bruce Leighton Sprague, June 20, 2015
Cornelius Morrison Ulman, February 27, 2016
26 February 2017

The 2016 Sachs Scholars have been announced, and the field is expanding.

Holly Muir, a 2016 graduate of Worcester College in Fine Art, will be the first ever Sachs Scholar at Princeton from Worcester College. A dual British and New Zealand national with roots in rural Scotland, Holly comes with a First Class degree and an impressive record of accomplishment as a multidisciplinary artist. In between award-winning exhibitions at museums and festivals in London, Newcastle, and Oxford, she designs sets and costumes for the Royal Opera House and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her ambition is to expand her artistic vision by studying--and making--literature. She will spend her scholarship year as a Visiting Student in the Graduate School in the Department of English, and she also plans to get involved in creative writing and visual arts projects at the Lewis Center for the Arts.

[image of Becca Keener]The new Global Scholar, Becca Keener '17, of Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, has concentrated her research on the accommodation of difference in the context of ethnic and religious diversity. She has been a Fellow in the Program on Religion, Diplomacy and International Relations, and she has taken her work out into the field in Israel, Jordan, and the United Kingdom. As Co-President of Princeton Against Sex Trafficking, she has pursued a partnership with Yazda, a Yazdi organization, to advocate on behalf of enslaved women in Iraq. In her senior thesis, she is tackling the issue of religious freedom in Syria. London seems to be just the right place for her to continue her work on challenges facing migrants and minorities, and at the London School of Economics she will pursue an MSc in Global Europe: Culture and Conflict.

[image of Shannon Osaka]Shannon Osaka '17 has dedicated her work to the proposition that climate change poses both a scientific and a social challenge for humanity. At Princeton she has accumulated academic awards and dauntingly high marks in both the natural sciences and the social sciences. At Oxford, she plans to pursue an MPhil in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance. When she's not working to save the planet, she writes poetry, for which she has also received awards. On campus, she is the leader of both the Princeton Sustainable Investments Initiative and the Calendar Reform Project, for which she may some day count on the gratitude of future Princeton students, who will no longer have to return from winter holiday to take their final exams.

Read the article in The Daily Princetonian  here .
12 December 2016. Special thanks to Matthew Stewart '85, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, for his help with this information.

[image from Vince Lee's website ] Vince Lee has updated his website, available  here , to make available his publications reflecting 30 years of work on exploring Incan and megalithic architecture.
25 November 2016

[image of John Chang] Andrew Chang '87 and Lauren Chang '94 have established the John Chang '60 *67 Award, designed to celebrate John's life and undergraduate track career, and to honor the current varsity track athlete "who has contributed most to his or her teammates through enthusiasm, generosity, sacrifice, consideration and dedication to the team." The first year's awards went to Luke Brahm '16 and Elisa Steele '17. A nice write-up with general information about John and his track career can be found  here . The Class has already made a donation, and Andrew and Lauren would be pleased to accept any donations individual members of the Class might care to make to the Award. This can be done by sending a check made out to "Trustees of Princeton University" with "John H. Chang '60 *67 Fund" in the notes line, to this address:
Jeanie Kim
Senior Associate Director, Leadership Gifts
Princeton University
330 Alexander Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
6 November 2016. Special thanks to Gordon Batcheller for his help in getting this effort organized.

Miserable, cold, and rainy weather severely affected turnout for events associated with the Harvard game, including our traditional post-game cocktail party at Terrace Club. As a result, there is no report.
25 October 2016

President Mike Southell's annual letter, available  here , recapitulates events of the past year. Well, okay, it also asks you to submit your Class Dues.
1 September 2016

Recent Deaths

This list will include all recent deaths of which we have become aware. Watch for Class Memorials in PAW, currently being written by Jean Rousseau. If you have additions to this list, please  contact us . Previous years’ lists can be found  here .

Walter R. Hoesel, 20 April 2016
M. Vance Munro, 5 July 2016
George J. Lichtblau, 3 August 2016
Edward J. Flynn, Jr., 7 October 2016
A.J. Donelson Morrow, 27 October 2016
Franklin H. Fry, 19 January 2017
Eric H. Henderson, 4 February 2017
William A. McMillan, 18 February 2017
L. Charles Long, Jr., 19 March 2017
Robert G. Houghtlin, Jr., 20 March 2017
Richard F. Baruch, 30 March 2017
Robert L. Major, 10 April 2017
George W. Beeler, Jr., 7 May 2017
Joseph W. Gillespie, 10 May 2017
Jared H. Meyer, 2 June 2017

Information about locating Class Memorials is  here . Special thanks to Paul Taylor for his work in collecting those that have never appeared in PAW.

A list (as up-to-date as we can possibly make it) of deceased members of the Class is available  here .


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